Why do baseball players spit, pat butts & wear big, chunky, gold chains????

I'm not into sports, but my husband is, and I have noticed that baseball players have disqusting habits that other athletes don't seem to share. Baseball players always spit (not always because they're chewing tobacco - I watch them pre spit), pat each other on the butt, and wear big, clunky, gold chains. I have never seen a football, basketball, tennis, or soccer player or golfer spit (and I watch for this). I don't even see horse jockys spit. I told my husband that this is just a disqusting, filthy habit. If I was single & on a date with a guy who spit - it'd be the deal breaker - I'd never date him again, even if he was gorgeous, rich, funny, & charming. I raised my kids to not spit - it's just gross, rude & unsanitary.

I also have never seen other athletes pat each other on the butt. Football players sometimes pat each other on the back or shoulder, but not the butt.

And, do baseball players join the team already wearing big, clunky, gold chains? Or, do the new players arrive on the scene & think "wow, I gotta get a big, clunky gold chain to fit in with these guys so I look cool too."??? At any rate - big, clunky gold chains on baseball players look silly I think, like they're trying to look gangsta ghetto tough or something. I don't recall seeing baseball players wearing big jewelry 20 years ago. But then, I also don't recall seeing athletes wearing long or dreadlocked hair either. (The hair doesn't bother me at all.)

At any rate - can anybody explain this to me?

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Spitting and baseball are highly linked due to the amount of smokeless tobacco use in the dugout. This has dropped off in recent years but baseball players still do other things to help pass the time. Remember "Gum Time" from the Tigers run last year? The same thing applies.

Slapping on the butt is done in many sports including football, basketball, and baseball. In fact I believe patting on the butt is more common in football than any other sport I was around. I attribute this to the importance physical contact has in football than other sports.

As far as baseball players wearing gold chains I'd say as an answer they do it because they can. Other sports involve too much physical contact than to allow a player to wear them during the game. Other athletes do wear them but not during the game. Since baseball players can wear it during the game it becomes more prevalent.

Hope that answers it for you.



I know they spit when they're chewing tobacco - but I've been watching, and they aren't all chewing tobacco or gum - they spit just to spit. Disqusting.

But it's their right and freedom to do what they want. Did you ever stop to think Starling that people find smoking just as disgusting?

I remember lots of ball players with a nice big chunk of tobacco in their cheek. Mostly the relief pitchers who played ball well into their 40's.

I supposed chew is not allowed anymore in the majors.
I know I haven't been to a ball game this year with the Jacobs Field little over and above Issue 5 housecleaning.
My understanding is you can't smoke anywhere in the stadium including the outdoor bar.

The soccer ma's and pa's can make up for them losing the business of smokers.
Good luck with that one.......

"I supposed chew is not allowed anymore in the majors."

It's still allowed but most athletes don't do it because the stigma isn't there as it once was.

"The soccer ma's and pa's can make up for them losing the business of smokers."

It costs a family of four (who keep in mind is on a budget) over $100 to take a trip to your average major league ball park and that's sitting in the cheap seats. Over $200 to go to an NFL game again sitting in the cheap seats. I doubt you'll see the ma's and pa's out there in force.



I just wondered why it's only baseball players. And yes, I find spitting disqusting. So let's ban spitting.

Sometimes when you're playing ball, your mouth gets a little dry and the saliva becomes kinda nasty. We never really patted each other's asses though.


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