Finkbeiner called to testify

"Finkbeiner called to testify
Mayor receives subpoena to speak in fatal fire trial

Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner has been subpoenaed to testify during the capital murder trial in August on behalf of Wayne Powell, who is charged with the Nov. 11 arson fire that killed four people."

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It appears that our all knowing, all seeing, and all pompous mayor may have either compromised a situation or set someone up for an unlawful conviction. Repeatedly, Czarty shows bad judgement. Lets get out the recall vote. We don't need this embarrassment to continue.

The article says the supeona was left with his receptionist.. I thought that they had to had those directly to the person named?

It will be interesting to see what Carty does now.

...they can be mailed, left with a 'responsible person' or delivered in person to the named individual. There's a place for the entity issuing the subpeona to indicate the type of service they want...

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