Councilman Sobczak.....Friend or Foe?

This morning while out gathering signatures for the Re-call, I had occasion to enter the Polish fest. There, to what did my wondering eye see, but our very own Sobczak collecting addmission fees. He noticed the clipboard in my hand and asked..."what are you petetitioning for?". When I told him it was for the re-call, he groaned out how he wished' I'd find something more usefull and worthwhile to do. He lamented that it was going to cost Toledo a lot of money to re-call and that he felt there were better things for we, the Re-call Carty camp to do with out time.

His irritation and almost reluctant acceptence that this may happen show in the strain on his OBC face. I walked on without challenging him. Not the time or the place, but I have to ask...Is Sobczak in need of his own corrective measures? Has his long term affiliation with the OBC rendered him another soon to come casuality of the policy of change we seek?

The fact that Carty is still cavorting with Irish, and OBC lifers are out shooting down any talk of re-call..then what have we here? I see a serious need to send some on Council a message that they need to choose more wisely in their political friendships. And to the very carefull choosing your support and whom you will support.

The citizens are speaking loud and clear these days...and OBC must change or go away. We were quite successfull at the Polish fest and I'd imagine the African/ American fest is also getting some signatures. I hear tell the good Mayor was boo'd upon arrival at the A/A Fest.

Carty, and ALL of his cronies must be removed. And anyone thinking they want to take up running this city in their manner should think twice. We're watching, listening and acting on it.

The cost(s) of not Re-Calling the Mayor will far outweigh the cost of change now. WE're already in it up to our necks with the leadership of Toledo and the County...might as well fix as much as we can in this timeframe rather than wait untill there's nothing left to fix..and nobody left to fix it.

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Based on facts and public record and not opinions.

There are so many opinions that it makes the water muddy.

Don't know where his head is, but if he takes a side that's okay with me. The fence sitters are the ones I fear.

I'm not sure where Mr. Sobczak is in terms of the Mayor any more. I know they were friendly at one time, but have notice some distance of late. His union influence is clear..but he may be someone that can help reform. I dunno..jury is out for me.

His union influence is clear.

The answer to your question then is obvious - foe.

but he may be someone that can help reform.

I always enjoy your sense of humor Chad, and if that's meant as a joke that's funny. If you're serious tho, stop it - you're scarin' me.

Yes, but, he is but one person. His influence would not be that great in the larger scheme of things, as in public sentiment(s), fiscal responsibility, and ethics.

Change is in the wind.

The correct word in my opinion is, can't.

Change is inevitable.

Chad, you were shocked to see Sobczak collecting admission money?

Guess who I saw collecting money when I went down to the Polish Festival Saturday P.M.? None other than former Carty crony Gary Groszewski, wearing a Jim Bishop for Judge T-Shirt!!! Needless to say, I pass up his hand when it was put out to have $3.00 put in it - figured it was going to go toward a 6-pack later on (ok, that was bad.)

In fact, I was almost tempted to turn around and go back if I wasn't for the fact that Saint Adalbert was running a booth at the Festival. I'm rather curious now to see who allowed him to have a position like that at the Festival? I know I shouldn't judge - but anyone with a pulse and a decent knowledge of current events would have recognized him there. I kind of find it funny - reduced to taking admission and wearing a politico's T-shirt at a festival.

Sean Lyons

A Councilman with a hand out. :-)

Union. Government. Power.

Things already in the pipeline that'll change with the issues within the party.

Changes that really screw up some plans.

Relegate those in power back to general population.

Those that violate workplace rules and regulations be prosecuted.

Relegate Union officials that want to manipulate the system to lobbists.

Start getting to the bottom of the drama and purge those that don't want to participate.

Then get to the business to find ethical, hard working Democrats to show idiots like Irish, Duffy, Skippy and the rest of the juveniles that their stroked egos have no place for the future direction of Toledo. They've had every chance handed to them and, sans ethical violations amok, just look around at their results. You can't miss it.

We ain't wasting any more money recalling the mayor than what the city government isn't foolishly spending anyway.

What influence does he have? And what is the influence that the Union he represents have over city matters?

The funny thing is that it's no longer funny. For a while, almost anything can be tollerated. Even a mean person, can be saddly humorous when they are riled..but after a all starts to smell like bad fish.

Almost everyone I asked signed the recall pet., and of the few that didn't, most were polite. There was one comment that was quite sad to me, "Re-call Carty??...heck no, he's entertaining!" If you want to be entertained by your politicians, you need cable!

LCDP has always operated as if it was it's own Entity.

And within this Entity, the ones in office power, Carty, Pete and Tina, control most of the public goings on. Then you have the "behind the scene" geniuses. That list is extensive. They're part of the "old skool crew". And Toledo is all they needed.

Over ten years of ethical violations, verbal tirades and fiscal manipulation hasn't even twinged the meter with the ODP. They seems to relish the drama kept within the community and not spilling out.

But now that the LCDP got something on Chris' shirt, all hell is breaking loose. People in power delegating situations and "gittin stuff done" ain't in power no more, and the one's left have no idea who was doing what with whom and how it got to that point. Sure John is still in the mix, but there are other people involved that were once secure are not so much anymore.

Toledo can just continue on with it's head in the sand. It's been status quo for over fifteen years. But if you're done getting screwed, now is the time to take advantage of this upheaval and dab the pus off.

on city council.



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