Blade notes more D corruption

Strippers have been the basis of two D stories recently. I saw the following Blade editorial, "The two are no longer at Local 500. Mr. Thomas was kicked out for embezzlement and Mr. Leonard retired after being banned from holding office.
It's not clear why, though, Mr. Thomas remains a trustee of the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library.

And perhaps there's an effort afoot to keep it all in the family. Phil Copeland - a Toledo city councilman, the local's longtime secretary-treasurer, and nephew of the late union official and county commissioner Bill Copeland - may make a bid to succeed his cousin, Mr. Thomas, as business manager. Union members should think twice about lending their support. While the pair reimbursed the union $15,000, reports show that Mr. Copeland didn't question the credit card receipts or reimbursement requests."

The Blade notes that while the D's force someone to resign who was not really responsible for strippers, no one bats an eye when someone who is under investigation for corruption remains on the library board. No doubt D's turning their eyes away from their own corrupt house.

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Culture of Corruption!!

Culture of Corruption!!

family and union relationships operating under labor politics of the 1940's goes a long way to explain why Toledo and its'services are no longer viable in the year 2007.

It would be interesting to investigate the candidates for council and then check to see if they are related to past members and or are affiliated with labor.


The spending of the workers hard earned money on strippers and good times. It must be the work of some CEO's of some large nameless corporation... oh my bad.



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