What are the odds?


I have 1 day to turn in the signatures required to run for City Council. I would be running against Ashford for this district. Gimme the odds.....

No votes yet

...signatures? do they have to be from within your district? Hope you're out walking the neighborhood...

50 valid from the district... no more than 100. Miracles happen every day! :-)

Just a couple of bumper sticker ideas:

Want to be heard? Leave a voicemail at Toledo Unplugged: (419) 464-7952
We'll put your voice in a podcast every Monday and Thursday

hehehehe Those are Great!

Go ahead and run. It will be a good education on the meaning of defeat.

"All evil and unhappiness in this world comes from the I-concept."

"All evil and unhappiness in this world comes from the I-concept."

Some money quotes from Chad:

The Citizens of terrorist nations are just as guilty as the "Leaders" they have. Likewise, we, Americans are just as guilty on an individual basis as our Government is in all matters.

I take no credit for Bush, or Carty... I didn't vote for either.

When it comes to waging war, America has lost it's nerve. We worry so much about "Collateral" damage that we have lost more than we gained. While I would have waged war on both Afghanistan and Iraq, among others, I would never have used a single ground troop. It would have taken 3 planes and several more bombs, but we'd never have set foot on the soil. I would have leveled the cities and the populations would be so busy trying to survive that they would have run for their lives. WAR...is not in principal, a friendly carefull exchange of ideas...it's the overthrow of a Country and that isn't kind or pretty or carefull.

Sorry, shit like this bothers me. I'd never vote for you.

I don't see the populations of terror sponsoring Nations as innocent.

This statement is so fucked up, I don't know where to begin.

Push back from the computer and start knocking on doors. Sensor's veto goes greatly to your favor.

Chad, I know for a fact residents of the warehouse district feel unrepresented by Ashford. Knock on some doors at Bartley Lofts, The Bakery Building, River West.
You may also want to call the Warehouse District Assoc for some help.

Sensible people understand that the War in Iraq and life in Toledo are very different subjects. On the war and my statements, I have a biblical view. Sorry you cannot understand that. War is War..and there are reaons for war in some cases. Do I think we screwed up in Iraq? You bet I do. Did we have just cause to invade...?? time will tell. It's the mechaincs of war that I'm talking about more than the principals of this war in Iraq. Governments lie, but dead people laying on the ground and in mass graves do not.

Saddam and his regime were brutal and evil..period. Weapons of mass distruction are not the only reasons to go after a dictator. They're just the flash points. Sure Our Gov. messed up with the approach..but better safe than sorry. Reality...0 attacks in the continental US since 9/11. So if we're in Iraq, Iran, Korea..where ever..if what we do there keeps them away from the USA..so be it.

Leveling buildings is not the killing of people. It's the distruction of safe harbor of evil. yes, there's widespread damage to the local population, yes it creates refugees and the like. But if Bush were to strike..oh say, Atlanta because they gave him no respect...the citizens would revolt and likely kill him in the streets. Common sense prevails where weakness invades.

we are self governed, and as such, if the power holders we elect, appoint or otherwise install cause more harm than good, we are equally guilty. Just because you didn't vote for the individual, doesn't exempt you from blame. It's the ones that push the right ideas into the winning position that get the gold..the rest of us get brass. Have you done anything positive to remove either Carty or Bush? I'm doing what I can with Carty...what's your excuse?

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