Spinning the same story about Toledo Wi-Fi

Toledo Wi-Fi funding examined
Former director again touts budget-neutral plan

"Despite her recent resignation and subsequent firing, the city's former information services director spent nearly an hour telling Toledo City Council members how to pay for a wireless network without boosting spending.

While members of the council's information services committee expressed gratitude for Ms. Scott's presentation yesterday, a representative of the Finkbeiner administration said the dollars Ms. Scott is counting on to pay the $2.16 million Wi-Fi tab may not be there, in particular, a $200,000 Homeland Security grant.

"The biggest issues we have is the grant from Homeland Security," said Dave Moebius, the city's assistant chief of staff who was Ms. Scott's immediate supervisor before her resignation.

The city won't know if it is getting the grant, or what amount that grant will be, until October.

"We can't even fund one of the major portions. We don't have verification of one of the major pieces," he said.

Still, Mr. Moebius acknowledged the city would consider funding Wi-Fi through the kind of budget-neutral plan Ms. Scott was proposing, something Mayor Finkbeiner said two weeks ago that he would not do."


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With Dr. Scott's plan outlined they mayor will do the exact opposite out of spite. Basically wifi is either going to cost Toledo a lot of money or its not going to happen.

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...we didn't have 'money in hand' for the Marina District but we 'hoped' we'd get it later in the year...so we 'borrowed' up to $5 million to cover what we didn't yet have.

How is that any different from Dr. Scott's plan to use 'anticipated' homeland security funds?????

And I doubt anyone else will be asking this question - posters on SW and TT excluded...

btw - I agree, NC, that the mayor will do the opposite - just because.

There are members on the council that are not sold on the Wi-Fi plan no matter the sales pitch.

Pitch one - no cost to public - Strike one

Pitch two - needed for safety and people get Wi-Fi for free - strike two

Batter up!


How is that any different from Dr. Scott's plan to use 'anticipated' homeland security funds?????

Maggie, I thought the fed's withdrew Ohio's homeland security funds? I remember reading about it somewhere that Ohio was cut off becasue of "lack of a threat". Im not sure if im correct, but if it is how could Dr. Scott plan to use anticipated funds if the fed's cut it? Not trying to start anything, just curious.

Maggie, Thank you, i wasn't sure how it all worked. 8-)

...types of HS funds. Toledo/Lucas County is coming off the UASI list (don't know if that was this year or last). UASI is the Urban Area Strategic Initiative (I know the Urban Area is right, but not sure that the s and i are correct...)

But there are still other types of Homeland Security grants. The money comes to the county and is distributed to the various municipalities based upon a prioritization of projects by a committee that represents all the municipalities. A lot of these funds have gone toward personal protective equipment for all first responders, the 800 MHz communication system and some special equipment and supplies - like for Toledo's Urban Search and Rescue Team (which benefits all of NWO).

you're welcome!

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