The Kaptur Cat Fight

By Rep. Kay Granger: Six months into the new Congress and Democrats have accomplished almost nothing for the country and continue to make one bad decision after the other...

But possibly the most ridiculous moments came today during an Appropriations Committee mark-up when Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) offered an amendment that raised concern about pet cats in public housing facilities that are being declawed.


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I just want to know which animal's rights group just droped a dime (or many dimes) into her re-election campaign. Any one know where and when the kind of infromation is put out?

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I love Marcy Kaptur, but doesn't she have more important things to do. Her District is falling apart and she's in a fight about cats in public housing. If people live in public housing, how can they afford a cat as a pet? And, how are they going to afford the declawing. Is she suggesting that the tax payers pay for the declawing? Maybe the tax payers should pay for neutering cats as well so the tax payers won't have to buy as much cat food. Maybe she should focus more on improving economic stability in Toledo and finding ways for Toledo City Government to treat its citizens and employees better.

Eerie silence from Kaptur in re the 'ho's at the golf outing too. She must've been to busy championing Kitty rights.

Kaptur isn't the only Toledo politician occupying their time with pets.

"The Pennsylvania State Legislature is currently reviewing legislation that would help protect the health of pets.

Introduced by seven state senators, the bill would require veterinarians to provide pet owners with Client Information Sheets (CIS) that accompany Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs), commonly prescribed pain killers. Vets would also have to perform pre-screened blood tests to determine which animals may not be suitable for these drugs...

If a similar bill were proposed in Ohio, how would your local legislators' vote?

The Press asked that question to State Representatives Chris Redfern (District 80), Peter Ujvagi (District 47), Jeanine Perry (District 49); and State Senators Randy Gardner (District 2) and Teresa Fedor (District 11). Only Perry and Ujvagi commented.

Perry, who's not running for re-election this fall due to term limitations, said vets should be required to hand out CIS.

Interesting criticsm coming from a Rep that voted for Dairy Education, a National Grape and Wine Initiative, Kentucky Tourism Funding, Hydroponic Tomato Production, etc.

You can type in your zip code on the left to see how your representative and senator from the state level to federal, and then see the results of how each one voted on different issues.

Project Vote Smart

Matt Holdridge
The Toledo Tattler

This isn't the fault of the House. It's the fault of a reactionary President and a razor-thin majority in the Senate, a body that requires a 10 seat majority to get much of anything done.

I encourage you to actually learn, you know, FACTS, about what the House has passed since January. And I'd also encourage you to consider how much time the Democrats had to spend on appropriations bills that the LAST (REPUBlICAN) CONGRESS didn't pass before leaving office last term. Furthermore, a lot of debate and consideration has been given to the Iraq issue, is it should! The majority of Americans wants to see us out of this War. We've already lost. We've lost our credibility. We've lost a trillion dollars. We've lost goodwill of nations the world over. We've lost our moral compass. And We've lost the war. The people know it, and The Peoples Branch has tried time and again to make this case and end this war. Unfortunately their efforts have been thwarted time and again by a President and his colleuges in the GOP who fail to recognize the reality of the situation.

Now even Bush is talking about scale-downs in September. Why wait? What miracle are they praying for that will happen by September? Is it another terroist attack like Michael Chertoff suggested? Are they hoping that will re-shock enough Americans that we get our "fuck the world, turn the mideast into a sheet of glass" mentality back?

There are a LOT of problems in this country. And Matt, you have ZERO credibility when you try to suggest that the GOP isn't responsible for them. There was nearly six straight years of GOP control of all 3 branches of federal government, a majority of state legislatures, and a majority of governorships. The GOP absolutely MUTED the democrat minority in Congress. The GOP set the agenda for this country, and if you're delusional if you don't think that they bear the responsibility for their actions.

Shane...ok, ok, I give, I give...Kitties shouldn't have the claws removed in public housing (that is if you're willing concede that public housing is constitutional and should even exist).

Matt Holdridge
The Toledo Tattler

Ok, I think this conversation needs lightend up a bit.

History of the crazy cat lady

Matt Holdridge
The Toledo Tattler

This is just to stop the bolding (</strong>).

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I didn't say that this wasn't a waste of time. But it is totally wrong to suggest that wasting time in congress is a partisan activity.

The way you wrote the lede, it makes a very strong suggestion that discussions like this are the reason why congress has not accomplished anything since January. If you want to give the truth a fair treatment, you need to look at what's passed the house vs. what's been signed into law. In many ways the House is fulfilling their commitment to the people. Unfortunately the ball is being dropped at the white house, and there's a good amount of pass interference in the upper chamber...

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