Recent History of Toledo Democrats Infighting

I went to the Toledo Blade website, and then to Google to see if I could find out anything about the

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Here's a page I recently started that lists the combatants on both teams as far as I know the lineups to be at the moment. But of course, such a program guide will continue to evolve due to free agency, trades, and new draft picks. The list also includes those who have retired.

Can't tell the players without a "score" card.

Old South End Broadway

JR: I quote you quoting Roland Hansen

Old South End Broadway

As you say you

Old South End Broadway

that neither of the teams (A & B ) care about us. They seriously only care about themselves and their
political ambitions. They suck..they darn near all suck. If you add them together or tear them apart..they suck. There is no probable reform without removal. More than 1/2 need to go and we must be very selective in choosing the replacements. Scrutinizing their network for ties to the OBC etc.

WE must watch for swift and dirty manuvering on the part of certian members looking for the Mayor's desk. Keep a close eye on the backdoor dealing and connections. While the Dem.'s party sufferes from a lack of quality leadership, there are delusions of grandure in the wicked hearts of some on council. We must make it clear..that we the citizens will have the final say in the next matter when that time comes. Rules are ment to be broken and trust me, we will fight to choose our own mayor.

I encourage everyone to scrutinize the folks running for office hard and long. Put them to the test..ask the rude questions. We must have the facts, not the hype and spin. We have a short while yet to have a full understanding of the issues and the players.

While we await the "Party" to come to resolution, we must make a stand on our own very real problem. The Re-Call must get on the ballot! We must get as many people to sign as possible. I'd love to see more signatures than there were to elect him in the first place. Now that would send a clear message.

I have read the A and B team lists. There's a couple names on the A list that really should be on the B list and a few names that do not appear that perhaps should. A couple or so years ago, there were some minor errors and omissions with Fritz Wenzel's list but overall the lists are fairly close,
Having lived through those times as an activist was interesting. There are some very good sincere community minded people on both the so-called A and B teams of the local Democratic Party as there also is with the non-aligned Dems and local Republicans. None should be painted with a broad brush. As with most groups, clubs, organizations, etc., there are good and there are bad.
People may complain about political parties and also may say not much gets done because of political parties, but I postulate that there would be much more turmoil and a lot less accomplished if there were no political parties. Does that mean I agree with everything or condone all when it comes to political parties? Of course not. I speak out and I speak my mind. I always have. Some folks do not agrre with me; that's okay. Some folks have tried to stifle me throughout the years. That will never happen in this lifetime.

Read Roland's Ramblings

and it only goes back to earlier this year. I couldn't find any links to older entries. Too bad. I did read some praise (and pans) of the fellow. It would have been interesting to see what he had found in his research. I might end up going to the library to see his earlier writings (and check out what the Blade has on "A" team, "B" team, and "Young Turks".

Old South End Broadway

Please, no more then.

Deep thinking that is.

The examples of "deep thinking" as provided by neighborhood concerns are actually "actions" and "behaviors" of an entirely different sort and are not at all the "deep thinking" of cognitive processes to which I had referenced.
It would appear that some folks would just throw stones rather than to build houses, to castigate rather than coalesce, to drive in wedges rather bring together, to dissuade rather than persuade, to divert rather than focus.
It is so much easier for some to create an atmosphere of complaints and disdain rather than a pathway to positive suggestions and respect.
Ah, so much for constructive dialog!

Mr. Hansen;

When did I provide examples, please.

I commented on what others wrote.

So much for reading things correctly?

My apologies for misunderstanding. I was under the impression that the link to your blog was supposed to be the "examples" referenced in the opening comment line.

(Roland Hansen puts on dunce hat, sits on stool in corner, and pouts. Shame on me. Darn this one-way communication medium!!!! So easy to misconstrue meaninngs. Will I never learn? Grovel, grovel)

Now, we return your television set - er, I mean your monitor screen to the topic at hand, i.e. LUcas County Democrats. After all, it is the Lucas County Democratic Party, not the Toledo Democratic Party, although sometimes ya just gotta wonder. Joe Birmingham is a republican - not a b-teamer...although the b-teamers on council did team up with the republicans...

And you should probably add Mary Chris Skeldon as an a-teamer

...from the perspective of someone on the outside looking in...

The A-Teamers are known for more 'socialistic' tendencies in their philosophy and decisions. The B-Teamers, while many consider them 'good ol' boys,' were what some called a 'traditional' democrat...more business-friendly in some ways. (perhaps this is why the b-teamers on city council have teamed with the Republicans)

The split goes way back - and Fritz Wenzel, on his heartlandpolitics blog, once had a history and pretty comprehensive listing. The split became more of a chasm in the Ford/Kest and Ford/Finkbeiner mayoral race and when the B-Teamers took over control of the central committee - and the party chairmanship. I know that one comment by an a-teamer was that they 'didn't feel like the headquarters was open to them anymore - like they'd been kicked out of their home.'

One b-teamer once described it this way...(not exact words, but pretty close) that the b-teamers understood that politics was how you got to the position, but once in a position, there was a 'business' aspect to the position with work to do and you could work together with others you'd fought against in a campaign.... But a-teamers saw the position as a way to further the politics - that the position didn't exist for the public business, but was merely an end to accomplish the political goals. As it was explained to me, this didn't fit all a/b teamers, but it did fit a lot of them...and this opposing approach to how you act once elected led to many disagreements internally, furthering the split. I don't know how valid this is today, but I was led to believe that this difference was part of the reason for the two teams.

clear as mud, huh?

Okay, so, let me ask then, what on the blog do you see as not being constructive?

Pointing out problems that are of concern, as in bags of trash that are not taken care of properly, week after week after week and while people complain about rats and other vermin and while the city fails to address the issue week after week after week.

Or bus stops that look like mini-landfills.

I am just curious, I mean after you and others are not privy to the e-mail I send asking questions about many topics to our leadership.

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