City, UT look to 'green' energy

"Piggybacking on the weekend's Live Earth concerts, Mayor Carty Finkbeiner yesterday said his staff and the University of Toledo soon will submit a formal proposal for Toledo as the site for a Center for Alternative Energy.

The mayor cited a series of initiatives in Toledo and Wood County he said makes this area the logical site for an initiative. The proposed center would bring together researchers and start-up businesses working on alternatives to gasoline, coal, and nuclear power.

As evidence of the area's progressiveness, the mayor cited the $450 million Toledo Waterways Initiative to end discharges of untreated sewage into the Maumee and Ottawa rivers, and the recent creation of a trash collection fee that provides a $2.50 monthly discount for people who recycle."

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Toledo could be a good site for the center. It is situated at a strategic point in the middle of the world's largest freshwater system.

Fresh water will become more important politically and economically due to two factors, the increasing world population and global warming. This alone is enough to propel the Toledo area in the limelight for years to come.



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