Citizens' panel?

Article published Monday, July 9, 2007
Some on council upset with budget planning
Group aims to force mayor to balance spending

"It's an itty-bitty line among a countless thousand of others in the city's inch-thick general operating fund budget, and the issue it raises has been tangled up in talk about strippers, political bickering, and a near-illegal meeting.

But on Tuesday, Toledo City Council might finally tackle the question: Should the mayor be forced - by a change in the city's charter - to send to council a balanced budget each year?

The proposed balanced-budget amendment, introduced in the spring, had been sent to the Toledo Charter Revision Committee for its input. The citizens' panel is chaired by John Irish, appointed to the position by the mayor."

Maybe the At-Large members could let the citizens know what the language of the amendment is so as citizens we can offer input to the committee.

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I agree...

Or is a communications gap the problem? The Toledo City Council got the budget in November. Quoting the Blade:

Old South End Broadway

Well, apparently not much.

"Council President Rob Ludeman, Council Finance Chairman George Sarantou, and Councilmen Wilma Brown and Mark Sobczak

The bulk of City Council suffers from "Party in tow" syndrome. And I thik we all have some idea of just what types of party's the "Party" enjoys. The afore mentioned pit bosses have all been longstanding pals. I think it's long past time the party come to an end.

Get out and sign the recall and help put an end to this corrupt municipal government. Tell you friends, your co-workers and everyone you can think of to do the same. It's the only way out.

On a side note....I feel sorry for Wilma Brown's district... What utter fools they are to put up with her. point the finger at the other side. The Mayor says Council should help 'decide' where the spending should be cut...the Council says the Mayor has an obligation not just to present a budget - but a balanced one at that.

With both sides standing by these arguments, blame gets passed around and no one ends up responsible.

If you want to be Mayor, you should want to present a balanced budget. When Council finds their pet projects eliminated - or when residents complain, they can be the 'compromisers' - making changes and adjustments as needed based upon public comment. The Mayor can then sign or veto the budget that results.

But it's so much easier to point fingers and criticize for who should be doing what - than it is to actually address the budgetary problems.

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