Toledo needs Recall Carty

Toledo has gone national years ago when Mayor Carty Finkbeiner wanted to move the deaf people to the airport. A company in California called CafePress has even noticed Toledo's mayor they are making money off this crazy behavior. They have many products that they offer, the products mock the trash tax, Carty's results, the make fun of his temper, his use for coffee cups, banning news media from a press conference and many other things. Now we have gone national again with the issue of the strippers at the democratic event. WHEN WE THIS STOP?

Toledo needs to Recall Carty to prove to America that Toledo can go national for good reasons and to show others Toledo's citizens have had enough of this behavior!
You can visit to get involved. The petition is available on the website to download. I sign it,I believe this is our chance for change in Toledo!

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Carty was not the one who came up with the idea of moving deaf people out to the airport...That's one of the biggest myths in the anti-Carty mentality out there. Cafe Press is not a company that makes products, people make products that they sell on Cafe Press, so it is most likely Toledo residents who create and sell this sort of thing to capitalize on the hype of the moment. Cafe Press can be used to sell many things, I self published a book on Ohio History through them and I have sold quite a bit of merchandise that I created for one of my blogs.

The last time this whole Carty and the deaf issue came up on Glass City Jungle, this is what a regular contributer to the blog shared, the basic information on this is verifiable for those interested in facts:

The suggestion about moving deaf people to the airport area came in the form of a letter sent to Carty by surgeon Joseph Moran, M.D.

Moran was my surgeon when I got cancer. I had no insurance. He cut his bill considerably and went 'round to my other providers and persuaded them to cut their rates, too. He even got me a deal on my chemo. His heart was/is huge, his kindness evident every time I saw him, and the man I knew was not insensitive to people with disabilities. Not even a tiny bit. I viewed his suggestion as a common sense solution for those who wanted to escape the noise surrounding the airport, and others who might not be bothered by the noise -- and they'd appreciate getting a good deal on real estate.

I was surprised that anyone was offended by the suggestion. It wasn't like anyone was telling the deaf they HAD to move there; it was merely a suggestion that solving the problem of one group might solve another (financial) problem for another group. Sometimes I think we get PC to the point of insanity. Some are so eager to jump all over Carty (I'm one of those folks from time to time), we make a big deal out of anything that can be twisted into something it isn't.

In short, the airport idea was not an insult. Rather, it ended up being a lost opportunity for some who might have benefitted. But the headlines wouldn't have been half as interesting if all that the media could have told us was how happily some non-noise-sensitive people had settled into their new homes.

We don't remember days only moments...

Carty had nothing to do with the whole planning or even attending the Golf Outing related to the stripper issue once again people supporting the recall are using things not even related to his performance as Mayor that are larger issues involving local politics that will not go away even if you did recall Carty.

If you want to recall him on the merits of his actual job performance go for it, but blaming him for things like the Deaf/Airport saga, Golf Outing, bs about the horse patrol that isn't even true or situations where City Council had the ability to vote no yet voted yes? That makes us look bad, and makes people point out that we are the City that had voters that were so uninformed they thought a Lucas County Commissioner Candidate was a dead man...

Trying to imply that some California Company has noticed us when it's pretty darn easy to figure out what Cafe Press is really about is also not cool in my book. If you can't get people to support you using the truth? What value is there to this...

We don't remember days only moments...

It had merit.

Had the person who made the suggestion brought it up and actually put forth the idea the media would have highlighted him instead.

It may have been a well intentioned thought, but now the view of history I think it is safe that we can say it was not a good idea and one that should have not been brought.

There are reasons to be unconvinced by the Mayor.

and they saw the practicality of it. Of course, it's not "pc".

Old South End Broadway

I was very tempted to discuss proper grammar here and it leading to credibility. But, that's been done, so I won't do it.

I've changed my mind on the re-call and encourage everyone to read why.

My son made up some designs - some just silly coming from personal jokes between his friends - and has them for sale at CafePress. You can buy his designs on tee shirts (long or short sleeved), sweatshirts, camisoles, bikini underware, etc. You decide what products you want your design to be on, and set the price (starting with the base prices CafePress sets for blanks). My son won't make any profits if his designs sell - he didn't do it to make money - it's a break even, no investment by him, no profit for him - but he gets a kick when somebody's wearing one of his shirts, etc.

Lisa is right -It's pretty easy to figure out CafePress. It's logical to assume, that somebody from Toledo has created the designs. Nobody in California sat in a boarding room & declared, "By Gosh, Look at the stupidity that's going on in Toledo, Ohio - we gotta cash in on it now!"

No sympathy for Carty. The man is an A-hole and even if it wasn't his idea he considered it. He didn't kill the idea. He let it languish and fester, so now he gets credit for it. Most of the sick people in history who have been in power didn't come up with the ideas to massacre, torture, or exterminate people. It was condoned by their side-kicks. Who chose Carty's sidekicks, Carty did. Look at his current sidekicks. One is suspected of being a Nazi, another has the reputation of being the friendliest woman in Northwest, Ohio, another lives in a Jack Daniels bottle and lastly he has another who has volunteered to be his private and non-private punching bag.

I am aware of Dr. Moran's great humanitarian deeds. I agree that he should be celebrated as a great humanitarian. Carty on the other hand is a self-righteous, narcissistic, paranoid bully. His motives are purely for his own kingship. He doesn't care about what citizens need. He only cares about what Carty needs.

Carty also has a lot of nerve attacking McNamara. Carty's attack was a description of himself.

We need to banish Carty to retirement far away and tell him don't come back.

Carty lied to us, so what's the difference. Get him out. We need good, sane leadership, not Carty.

Carty lied to us, so what's the difference. Get him out. We need good, sane leadership, not Carty.


Glad that there's two of who remember the real story on that one.

Another loyal Carty basher..., when it is deserved ;-)

Hooda Thunkit

Who on Carty's staff is a Nazi, who is sleeping around, and who is an alcoholic?

"When I say your dumb name, please stand up briefly, but then quickly drop to your knees and forsake all others before me." -Ignignokt

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

I'm not exactly disagreeing with you but I would like to note that just because we could get Carty out of office doesn't mean we'll get sane leadership.



I'm not brave enough to post names. But I'll say this, I'm close enough to city officials that I know some of their dirty laundry. The group in power right now are some dysfunctional critters and they are very vindictive.

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