Most Great Lakes have begun to accrue toxins again


All of the Great Lakes, except Lake Erie, have recently begun to spike in varies pollutants. In Lake Ontario, for example, eight categories of fish became more contaminated between 2005 and 2007, while only one category improved. Certain toxin levels are going down in all the Great Lakes, but the number of fish advisories is increasing.

Typically, advisory levels are more severe for larger fish, which are generally older and have therefore accumulated more toxins in their tissue. But severe consumption advisories have been issued for even small sizes of fish in Lake Ontario.

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The Montreal Gazette

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I never have and never will eat anything caught in the Great Lakes. Those all-you-can-eat fish frys leave me cold. I'm even getting tetchy about ocean fish. It's getting scary, folks, if you're a fish lover.

What is the probability that what you eat out of the lakes will kill you? If you die it is 100%. But most of the material we worry about take years to do harm, doesn't it. It you are 59 years old, like me, is it a risk worth worrying about?

If you're a smoker you are already assessing things on the basis of risk/reward. It is more rewarding to risk smoking than not to smoke. So it is probably the same for those who eat fish from the Great Lakes.

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seems like some kind of amphibian. Frogs have been showing mutations in Wisconsin from chemical pollution. Haven't heard anything about fish growing legs, though.

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Really, people should be cautious about the fish they eat. Most people eat big fish from the ocean, but even this activity is bad for the environment. The amount of big fish in the oceans has been significantly depleted by mass fishing. Mass fishing, in my opinion, is more detrimental to their livelihood than global warming. While there are certain scientific questions behind global warming, there are none about excessive fishing. Don't eat the big fish, particularly Tuna.

Well thats an easy one for me, i dont eat ANY fish. yuk yuk yuk. I do however take the fish-oil suppliment, but thats as far as it goes.

To the fish fry's credit they usually get their fish from pond farms, not lake fish. The grease and tarter sauce are the most dangerous thing.

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I won't eat anything with three eyes and five legs. I don't care whether it kills me or not. And also I plan on living to be 150. On the other hand, smoking cigars is one of my few pleasures left in life.

This has been misnomer for over a decade. An early report came out when a section of wetlands had multi-limbed frog and was suspected to containing varies carcinogens. While slightly elevated carcinogens levels where found, the cause of the deformities was NOT from pollution. Instead the deformities was cause by a native flat worm that had attached to tadpoles in an early stage of development.

The EPA has published several studies on the deformities cause. Also follow up studies have been done on the DNA also showed that the deformed frogs were genetically normal. Also frogs, from eggs to adulthood, were exposed to the same pollutants in excessive levels. The deformities found with those animals was the lack of limbs, not the growth of extra limbs.


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I didn't know that. How can you tell from the menu whether they're getting them from pond farms? Or does everybody get them there?

I still won't eat 'em!

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