City union accepts fact-finder's proposal

City union accepts fact-finder's proposal
Supervisors to pay some health costs


A Toledo city employees' union yesterday agreed to accept a three-year contract that will make it the first group of city workers, other than City Council, to contribute to their own health-care coverage.

Alan Cox, president of Local 2058 of American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, said a majority of the 131 members who cast ballots yesterday agreed to a fact-finder's recommendation, which adopted the city's plea of poverty.

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Finally a union where the majority of the members displayed common sense. I think a lot of the unions are starting to realize that the world is changing. We are entering a new "gilded age" where the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer, and all you can do is hang on by your fingernails. At least they had the sense to realize that they can't expect much when the taxpayers are trying to stay above water themselves. Hopefully, Carty gets the message, and begins to represent the taxpayers more than the employees in the city government.

Old South End Broadway

When was there a "utopian age" when the "rich" and the "poor" lived on an equal earning plain and life was all peaches and cream? Has there ever been a time when people didn't say the trite phrase "the rich are getting richer and the poor and getting poorer"? Is this ever present phenomenon simply due to the effects of compound interest? Or could it be that the "rich" just continue to focus their energy on becoming wealthier (or better yet not becoming poor) while the "poor" focus too much of their energy on complaining louder or getting their hands on the "rich's" property?

Well look at this way, if your hypothesis is true than at least the "poor" have the benefit of knowing where they'll end-up or where they'll come to stop; you can only sink so low. However, the sky is the limit for the "rich" and they have to continue toiling away day-after-day to keep on getting wealthier. Maybe being "poor" isn't that bad after all.

Matt Holdridge
The Toledo Tattler

...encouragement for hizzoner to start planning more bike paths and raise yet again the tax that is pure garbage.

$18Million shortfall next year?

What, me worry?

I'll just tax and overspend, tax and overspend, according to MY priorities first. . .

Hooda Thunkit

Local 2058 members pay $25 a month for a single person, $40 for the employee plus one, or $55 for a family.
Wow they are really putting out aren't they? *insert eye roll here* Even doubling those costs would still bring them in far under what most people have to pay.

$150.00 a month for 1+spouse. And we have high co-pays on both Dr.'s and meds. We pay about $325 in health care per month, on average. That's without a Dr.'s visit or any testing.
I'm 39 years old....think about it for the future.

This is about a union contract not a rich vs. poor.

While we were not privy to the negotiations it would seem that someone on the committees of both sides saw reality for what it was and is, tough financial times.

Ceding ground on benefits is not easy for a collective membership to typically accept but in this case it would appear that the membership was presented with information that persuaded them to accept the terms of the offer and a fact finder also agreed with the terms.

It is really as simple as that.

All city employees should be paying a portion of health care. This is common place in the private sector. The employees should not expect to recieve more from the public than the public recieves from them.

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