Public Servants Code of Conduct

In Cincinnati a former fireman recently plead guilty to... walking around a city park in a blond wig and woman's bikini. Steven S. Cole, of Waynesville, pleaded guilty to a charge of operating a vehicle while intoxicated and disorderly conduct. Otherwise he would face charges of public indecency and having an open flask.

Which brings me to my point, what should the code of conduct be for all employees on and off the clock? If you violate XYZ rule you are suspended for X days without pay, no questions asked.

Also, should we mandate recording and archiving of all city meetings with more then 5 people? Kinda of a Sunshine Provision to keep things like the Dr. Scott fiasco from happening again.

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If someone were to record one of Carty's staff meetings it would be great material for Dr. Phil. There is at least thirty people in the meetings and Carty cusses profusely, makes gender insults and racial slurs. As far as a sunshine provision there is no way such a thing could be enforced. As far as a code of conduct is concerned, just about all of Carty's inner circle are about as dysfunctional as you can get. One has a real problem with the grape, another has a severe case of whimp syndrome, another thinks at seventy years old men still want to romance her and another may be a member of a very right wing organization founded in Europe about seventy years ago.

Perhaps we should come up with one?

Oh, geez, behavior police. And how do you monitor people's off duty behavior? I can see it now - hidden cameras, snoopy neighbors, false reports by disgruntled people, window peeping, tape recorders, etc. And, how would it be enforced? I don't think there's a law against a man wearing bikini underware & wigs - yet (unless it fell under indecent exposure). Kind of like firing employees who smoke at home. Land of the free, home of the brave..............

A code of ethics/ employee manual are very common in workplace enviorment.

Just think, we come up with too many rules, an employee could get a five day suspension for just being a Phillpino.

Here is Mr. Cole's booking photo, just for grins:

I worked for the Postal Service for over 30 years. There were all kinds of rules and regulations. We had a union that protected us from an over-reaching government. It can be a pain in the butt, though.

There were rules for hiring and firing. For example, there was no rule that said someone with a felony couldn

Old South End Broadway

Otherwise he would face charges of public indecency and having an open flask.
I wonder where he was carrying the flask?
Really though, while it may be tacky and certainly not "male" that bikini is hardly indecent. All his bits are covered, unless its a thong, which we can't see at this point.
Men dressing like women is hardly against the law and I'm pretty sure there is nothing in any public workers code of conduct saying that they are not allowed to dress in a transgendered/transsexual way when off duty. If there were wouldn't the ACLU and GLBT groups be up in arms?

they every right to set standards of conduct, but my time is my own, and they had better understand that.

That said, if I come to work drunk or otherwise impaired, then it becomes my employer's business.

Anything else though, IMNHO, is out of line.

When it comes to "his dishonor" though, all bets are off, as he is the law, judge, prosecutor, jury and the executioner, in his own little world, and he makes/breaks the rules to suit himself.

[sarcasm alert]

What a WONDERFUL Role Model...

Hooda Thunkit

Correct me if I'm wrong but don't have police to police people's behavior? Just thought but how about a background check ever year on all full-time city employees? We just use the pre-existing police records. If something is found in the last year then its dealt with. No cameras needed.

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"His Dishonor" has structured himself and his staff after the book Animal Farm. I don't have to tell you who the head pig is.

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