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Wednesday, July 4, 2007
Online Pettition to Council
For many of us, the time has come for the City of Toledo to change it's policy on Workplace Ethics. The events with Dr. Scott and others have prompted this online form. If you believe as I do, that everyone has the right to a hostility free workplace and that human dignity is more valuable that negative results, please sign and send this form to City Council.

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Just my thoughts but a digital petition of a hundred people* may not be the most effect way to go. I think voices heard in these ways are far more effective:

  • Council meetings and other public events
  • Faxes which cost paper and ink
  • Posting to public forums and blogs with public discussion
  • Ink and paper petitions which engage individuals with facts in the signing process
  • Phone calls which cost staffer time from their regular duties

I love the digital frontier as much as anyone, but people are analog. Its real voices and opinions that make the difference. One individual list with a few digital signatures that can easily be faked will not mean much unless you can get thousands of people on it. It's a lot harder to fake thousands of signatures which makes a stronger message.**

An electronic petition can be swept under the rug as a few crack pots with a little website. But a day with the switchboard buzzing with phone calls will get immediate action. How about a call to action day instead or in addition to the petition? It there a central list of phone numbers, fax numbers, and email addresses for the mayor and council?

* My personal estimates are that less a 1,000 people read the local blogs and news services with any regularity. Usually only 1-10% of those readers will actively sign or post something. Hence my comment above that only a hundred people will sign a petition. Remember, Toledo is still fighting to become a computer literate town. That is not a slam on the wifi situation, it a fact. We're rust belt and we're trying grow out of that blue collar mentality.

** I'm not saying you're faking any signature but I seen M. Mouse and D. Duck sign quite a few online petitions.

Want to be heard? Leave a voicemail at Toledo Unplugged: (419) 464-7952
We'll put your voice in a podcast every Monday and Thursday

Mayor. 419-245-1001

City Council. 419-245-1050

Note* I believe tomorrow is a "Work day" for council, so most should be around.

Emails are the person's name..example:, etc.

Council Members share assistants, so you get 2 for 1

fax??...I dunno make your thoughts & feelings known and understood, you should go as a group, carrying feathers and dragging a smoldering kettle of tar with you.

THAT, they will understand.

Secondly, vote ALL of the bastards out!

Hooda Thunkit

I'm pessimistic about e-mailing any of these people. Most of the people on the list don't know what a computer looks like let alone open email.

Here is the content of a PDF I found with the city's council contact information. Also here's another list I found:

Here is the phone number for City Council - 419-245-1050.

Council Members:
District 1 - Wilma Brown,
Aide: Chris Harrison,

District 2 - Rob Ludeman,
Aide: Jenny Gogol,

District 3 - Mike Craig,
Aide: Robert Martinez,

District 4 - Michael Ashford,
Aide: Chris Harrison,

District 5 - Ellen Grachek,
Aide: Joanne Bell-Carr,

District 6 - Joe Birmingham,
Aide: Sherrie Brown,

At-Large Representatives:
Phillip Copeland,
Aide: Vickey Woods,

Joe McNamara,
Aide: Vickey Woods,

George Sarantou,
Aide: Jenny Gogol,

Mark Sobczak,
Aide: Robert Martinez,

Betty Shultz,
Aide: Sherrie Brown,

Frank Szollosi,
Aide: Joanne Bell-Carr,

Carleton S. Finkbeiner, Mayor,
Asst.: Barbara Sperr,
The Mayor's office phone number is 419-245-1001.
The Mayor's fax number is 419-245-1370
For more information, contact Carol Van Sickle at 419-243-8191 ext. 244 or via email at

Want to be heard? Leave a voicemail at Toledo Unplugged: (419) 464-7952
We'll put your voice in a podcast every Monday and Thursday

the assitants know

I added the aides addresses to the form that will ensure that someone reads the on-line petition.

The city council members for the most part do read mail, but there are some that wait so long that the issue is long since passed or some that just delete with out reading.

And your passion for the interworkings is fantastic.

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