Voinovich Lashes Out at Hannity

Interesting blog post from Think Progress...Yesterday, Sen. George Voinovich (R-OH) released his frustration in a

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Usually I'm not a "single issue" person, but this is important enough for me that if some candidate says he will push wholeheartedly for border security before immigration reform he'll have my vote (and maybe my efforts to get him elected).

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..."Conservatives eating their own?"

Many will tell you that Sen. Voinovich isn't as conservative as some on the left might perceive.

However, there are plenty of conservative blogs that took extreme exception to the senator's comments and then wrote about it.

I had two problems with his comments:

1) that he considered instruction from his bosses (us, the voters of Ohio) as intimidation. That's just wrong. The majority of Ohioans opposed this immigration bill and he's there to represent US, not do what he wants.

2) that he admitted to not having read the bill (http://thurbersthoughts.blogspot.com/2007/06/readthebillorg.html) but had read the summaries and still didn't have any idea of the cost of the bill. It was when he couldn't answer the question posed to him about the costs that he decided the interview was over. For someone who has stated that they need to raise taxes because of the debt, you'd think he'd have at least some idea of the cost.

HOWEVER, he did vote against cloture yesterday, along with Sen. Brown (YEA!!), so it appears he heard our messages and acted accordingly.

I've got more thoughts on what we can learn from this on my blog (yes, shameless self-promotion).


that he admitted to not having read the bill

As a side note---this sort of admission seems more and more prevalent recently, doesn't it (on both sides)? From the NIE report on Iraq in 03 to just recently, many congressmen repeating false talking points on the Employee Free Choice Act. I read an interesting article by Al Franken (I know--a lot of conservatives hate him), where he explains that as his campaign for Senate gets under way he spends most of his time begging for money. Instead of, he says, discussing issues with voters and (egad) reading bills. Could this be another bad side effect of the monetary influence in politics?


DeWhine's RHINO twin will be gone next time in the primary. If not, hope he loses to the real thing (liberal Dem)



"They keep talking about drafting a constitution for Iraq.Why don't we give them ours? It was written by a lot of really smart guys, and we're not using it any more".


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

There are many points most dems and repubs do agree on when it comes to immigration. I wish they would at least take steps to push those so that SOMETHING gets done.



I hope he didn't cry again on the senate floor.

...as much as it is the complexity of the bills these days. Could you just imagine if one of our founders had to read a 1,000-page bill?

I think government, overall and at all levels, has become a such a myriad of rules, regulations and laws that, even if you DID read a bill, you'd probably need multiple other documents just to get through it and to understand what it was really saying, since current bills routinely change only portions of previous law. And then you have the added burden of making sure what you're proposing in a new bill doesn't conflict with something already in effect.

Of course, there are people who advocate the position that government creates laws, rules and regulations in part to justify its continued existence as well as to make 'law breakers' out of its citizenry... Personally, I like the idea that for every new law passed, an old one must be repealed.

IMHO, money in a campaign has more to do with the cost of outreach to the voters and the increasing methods and sophistication of such outreach. Just recently, web designers, webmasters and internet-savvy staff have been added to campaigns, which of course means more cost to the campaign. Additionally, the cost of traversing a nation (in the case of the presidential race) or a state is much more costly with the availability of planes versus cars, trains or even horses. And utilizing planes allows the candidate to spend time with more voters.

Maybe if they put in a 40+ hour work week 52 weeks year like the rest of us they'd have the time to actually read up on what they are voting on.

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