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Subject: Media Advisory from the City of Toledo

June 26, 2007

Mayor Carty Finkbeiner to Participate in A Student Occupational Therapy Leadership Seminar

Where: University of Toledo Health Science Campus

When: Wednesday, June 27, 2007
7:15 PM

Why: The Mayor will talk to students about leadership and what characteristics make up a strong leader.

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He has to speak about strong leadership because he can't talk about good leadership. He has no idea what good leadership is.

Good/Strong Leaders:


Strong Leaders:

Joseph Stalin
Adolph Hitler
Saddam Hussien

You can figure out which group Carty belongs to.

hehehehehe..that would be a good point

I'm undecided about Carty right now - I did vote twice for him. I like his enthusiasm, not his mood swings. During the last time he was mayor, people were in an uproar over something or other he'd done (the coffee cup thing perhaps?) - and I wondered at that time, what he's like to live with at home. Usually, most people are on their better behavior in public. Sadly, we often tend to treat the people closest to us, the worst (not me, of course, ha,ha!). Not purposely, but we tend to let our guard down with people we're closest to, let the rude out more maybe. Anyway - I wondered back then, if he behaved that way in public, then what was he like at home to his wife & kids. I have no way of knowing, and I'm not presuming to know - just thinking out loud.

To a few of the Toledo Police officers is that I have an insider view on some things. An abusive person is just that. I have a great deal of presonal experience with abusive people, I can read em like a book. If you've ever been on the recieving end, you know what to look for. The Mayor exibits traits commonly associated with this personality disorder. You recover from a beating for the most part, but you almost never completely recover from the verbal variety. The scars of the mind are far more painfull than the scars of the body.

Carty strikes me as the "Great Pretender". He puts on a good show.......

I take it you've know Carty for years? I've followed loosely for a decade or so. Up untill last year I really didn't care much. I was a renter, from another state and even after marriage, I had planned to move out west again. Well, after 11 years, buying this house and deciding this is "Home"...I care. I care a great deal.

I've had my own personal experiences with Carty, and can only imagine what others have been through. What kills me is that for some quack reason, he's still in the picture, even with all the history. So much never makes the news, but so much happens anyway. The secrecy, corruption, back door dealing and flat out lies are outragous. I can honestly see why Toledoan's seem so apathetic. With such a sad, weak, tired, manipulative, anti everyting , set of leadership, it's a wonder everyone hasn't left yet.

16-20 people play a sick, twisted game of who's on 1st, meanwhile the other 250,000 of us suffer the consequences. The "Less for more" policies, the endless red tape, the in fighting and the crass embarrasement are testement to the need for a nearly total change.

It's tragic to me, that in the short time I've been involved, meeting the elected and their staff: to discover they are nothing more than self centered, ego-maniacle train wrecks. Ya just can't help but watch.

There are a select(very) few that are close to what they portray, but the vast majority of them are absolutely useless in the governing of this city.

And tired, but what the hell does this mean? "Even though I have been around him a great deal, I don't have any personal experience what he's like with relatives and friends. I've been a guest at his home several times and he has always been gracious and courteous." -- Submitted by James Kirk on Sun, 2007-07-01 08:30.

??WTH?? You have no personal experience but you spend a great deal OF personal time with him at his home and comment on your personal experience there?

You sound so much like a Toledo politician. What's the deal? Don't you think we're fully ready start recognizing (and calling) the political double speak around here?

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

A lot of people don't know this, but when Carty is perplexed and doesn't get his way he literally sobs like a baby in a soiled diaper. So much for being a strong leader. Remember what Saddam Hussien did just before they hung him. He whimpered like a baby.

But I understand your frustration. He has his good points, they just don't outweigh the bad ones.

I honestly think Cary falls somewhere in the middle. He's obviously not a leader of the same caliber as that first list but I honestly don't think that Cary is a bad enough person/leader to be grouped with Hitler or Hussien.

Even though I have been around him a great deal, I don't have any personal experience what he's like with relatives and friends. I've been a guest at his home several times and he has always been gracious and courteous. What I hear about his treatment of Mrs. Finkbeiner and his relatives is quite different. What I hear is so bad it's mind boggling and won't repeat it because it's just rumor. I will say this, however, I have a couple relatives whose behavior is similar to Carty's rumored behavior. I make it a point to stay as far away from them as I can get.

Carty is abusive to almost everyone he comes into contact with. During Carty's campaign I saw one of Carty's campaigners tackle a citizen who Carty had verbally abused. This citizen was so pissed-off that he chased Carty. If it weren't for this campaigner, who used to be a linebacker, putting a crushing tackle on the citizen, Carty would have received a significant thrashing. Another time during the campaign Carty lashed-out at a table of African American Citizens in a bowling alley near Central and Reynolds Road. Campaigners had to quickly escort Carty from the premises because two of the citizens at the table threatened to give Carty a Jitta-Bug Ass Whooping. Definition of a Jitta-Bug Ass Whooping according to Websters Dictionary - An Ass-whooping of horrific intensity without causing death or serious injury and will be painful for months.

Lastly, a citizen on the South of Toledo verbally attacked Carty for putting a yard sign in his neighbors yard. Carty ignored the Citizen and the Citizen attacked. Again, Carty Campaigners had to discourage the would-be attacker by a show of numbers. There were at least twelve Carty Campaigners with Carty during the incident.

I can go on and on about Carty's memorable moments, but lets have someone else speak.

Carty is a chameleon. What he does in a social setting where members of his family are present is different than what he does when no family members are present. Trust me, I'm no politician. I'm just stating truthfully what I have observed.

My position is that Carty is a sociopath who has at least two dozen dimensions to his personality. Some of us can see them others are fooled. I have known him for almost thirty years and he has always been viewed by most people as being off his rocker. Remember, Ted Bundy fooled a lot of people for years. Seasoned sociopaths are great deceivers. All of us should be grateful that Carty is a very small fish in a very big sea. If he had some national credibility, we all would be in trouble.

He has 2 1/2 years remaining in office as Mayor of the City of Toledo. His legacy will be - Carty Finkbeiner was the worst government official in the history of Toledo.

I'm not suggesting that I am sympathetic with Carty. The man exhibits the behavior of a multiple personality psychotic. Some of the worst despots in the history of the world were the same way. America should be glad that Carty's antics are local to Toledo. If he were a national figure I wouldn't be surprised if he supported establishment of concentration camps and gas chambers. Carty needs to go. He's so arrogant right now he thinks he's untouchable and nothing will happen to him until after he's out of office. The tax payers will have to deal with the burden, not him.

Carty has to go.

I'm very harsh because I've actually worked with the man. He hasn't committed any atrocities like Stalin, Hitler or Hussein that I know of, but he has the same personality. If he gets away with all the stuff he has done so far, poor us. He's already snubbing his nose at the citizens of Toledo. Look at all the suspicious looking deals. I don't know about you, but it is clear to me, my tax dollar ain't going where they're supposed to go. When someone steps up and asks for clarification, they're gone or demoted (Scott, Griffin, Daugherty, Morehead). This fact I do know; the Ohio Attorney General is investigating Carty and his cronies. For what I'm not sure, but somebody is going to jail.

Did you see the same video I did? Didn't look like he whimpered to me.

Thanks for seeing the similarities. Carty is operating on a very small stage. We just happen to be on the stage with him and he's calling the shots using a Zoloff influenzed mode of operation. We all can go on being critical of Carty just for the sake of being critical, but the reality is, Carty has some serious mental problems and we need to get him out of the mayor's office soon before he destroys any chance this City has.

Please continue.

That Carty killed a man in Reno, just to watch him die. Also, he ordered the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and he piloted the B-29s that dropped Little Boy and Fat Man on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It was Carty's sell order that caused the 1929 stock market crash and his mismanagement of venture capital funds caused the Dotcom implosion in 2000. He canceled MASH and he keeps renewing According to Jim. He killed the electric car. Carty freed Willie Horton, he nailed Donna Rice, he even betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of silver. The man is pure evil.

"When I say your dumb name, please stand up briefly, but then quickly drop to your knees and forsake all others before me." -Ignignokt

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

I wouldn't be surprised.

He does his big Boo Hoo's in his office. You'll never see it in public or on film. Trust me, he Boo Hoo's a lot.

Well said, but you haven't told us all about all the other atrocities Carty has committed. Please continue.

I'm pretty sure Pete was referring to Saddam.

You're right, I think Pete is referring to Saddam. Never the less, Carty is the master of the Big BOO HOO.

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