Walking the Dog while wagging the Dog...

It appears that walking the mayoral pooch is a part of the job description for execs in the Mayor's charge. A couple of weeks back I left 1 Gov. after a Council meeting to see a key staffer for the mayor walking the pooch for a potty break. He seemd a bit humbled when I enquired about it.

The Mayor's dog is ever present on the 22nd floor, wandering from office to office and so on. The staff seem to enjoy the canine company, but is this the way you expect to see your tax dollars spent? We're paying a Exec. to walk the dog! Shouldn't Carty have a personal servant for this? Or better yet, take care of his own dog? I don't care the dog is there, but I do think it's ridiculous for city employees to be caring for it.

This is yet another example of the Mayor treating the staff with disrespect. I would have quit then and there. These young people have earned their degrees and have worked hard to get into the jobs they have and it's a pure waste of their time and our money for them to be used to care for a dog. They have much more important issues to be busy with. Talk about being whipped...good Lord!

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But what is the point of the Mayor having his personal pet in the city building?

Can we, as citizens, bring our dogs into government center?

Or would be stopped at the door?


No pets allowed..except the Mayor's of course

Not too long ago, I believe it was Roberta DeBoer who wrote a column about a staff member having to carry the dog down 22 flights of stairs during a power outage. The article was meant to be humorous but I found nothing funny about it. If I have time, I'll have to search the Blade archives and see if I can find the article.

If the taxpayers pay for it they should be able to take advantage of it as well.

Tuesdays should be city dog walking day with city employees walking the dogs of local citizens. Dogs with only 3 legs should be grounds for a tax cut for the citizen who owns it.



...but I wrote about this on my blog back in December...


In state owned buildings.

First response; "The building code does not have any requirements regarding allowing dogs in buildings or public buildings owned by the State of Ohio. My educated guess would be that fall under the authority of the Ohio
Building Authority or the Ohio Department of Health."

Good luck trying to contact the building authority.

So, the DOH has been asked.


On the other hand, hasn't it been proven that dogs & cats help to lower blood pressure, calm nerves? That's one reason they take animals into nursing homes. I know that I can feel my nerves calm down just by petting our dogs & cats. Maybe in Carty's case, the mayoral dog could be considered medicinal. Carty's nerves need all the calming they can get.

Well, then maybe he needs more dogs?

"On the other hand, hasn't it been proven that dogs & cats help to lower blood pressure, calm nerves?"


Nice job on the pooch. I haven't had time to go through everyone's archives. And here we are..in June and said doggy is still in the hands of our highly trained, well paid staffers...uhg!

Well if that was the Dog's job that he retired from..."assistance" He's not doing his job either

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