Central Catholic's expansion plan upsets property owners

Firm trying to buy up land for athletic fields


Central Catholic High School's effort to expand its campus with two new practice fields is generating friction with the property owners who are being asked to move out.

Carmen Ramirez, 72, of 129 East Delaware Ave. and George Blevins, 44, of 132 Palmer St. say the school's effort to acquire homes in their neighborhood has driven down their property values.

The company in charge of land acquisition for the school sees the complaints as a negotiating tactic.


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The Blade article to be somewhat humorous. The lady is complaining that property values will decline if Central Catholic expands. Of course, she is pictured in front of one of many boarded up houses in that neighborhood.

The properties there are declining because most home owners do not take care of their homes, and its a high crime rate area with tons of drug activity. Call me crazy...but, I thought that was why the values were going down.

CC expansion is the best thing that could happen to that area.

I have to go with Kooz on this one.

I still can find the logic of how someone wanting to buy your property is driving the price down? If they had said that the football stadium was driving the price down I'd be more inclined to listen.

"'When I moved here, there were houses and trees,' Mr. Blevins said. He said drug use and break-ins have increased in the neighborhood." Schools aren't major factors in break-ins and drug use. I live right down the street from a school. If anything I'd say it is more of a preventative factor due to increased police patrols.

However Central Catholic has been there since 1929. A school making changes to it's campus is expected. She herself owns four properties. I wonder what the condition is of these properties. I'd be willing to bet that they are the boarded up homes that breed crime and lower property values. Not the school.

Besides, Mr. Blevins paid $6K for his home with three times that for improvement. Well when I do the math that's 6x3= 18K in improvements plus the additional 6 leaves a total investment of 24K. If he gets what his neighbor got 45K then he makes a total profit of 21K.

I WANT HIS LIFE! Where my big problem is someone offers me about a 20K profit on a home I bought for 6K. Brain Drain?! Sounds more like we can't get rid of the stupid.



that Ms. Ramirez is vocally complaining about the holding company driving down prices and the negative impact BUT she also voluntarily offered all of her properties to the same evil holding company.

I noticed in the report tonight on channel 13 that the only person they talked to who wasn't for the school buying up properties was a renter who has nothing to gain but everything to lose if the school buys up the property.
As for the guy discussed who wants more then the property is worth. I'd say that since the school needs all the lots that his property is worth a bit more now. Also worth thinking about, will he be able to buy a new home of the same basic quality with $16k?
I can only imagine that anywhere in town you can find a house for that price you wouldn't want to be living.
I look at it this way. My car is 10 years old. Its starting to show its age but its in good shape, runs well and except for a few minor scratches looks good. If it was totalled out by my insurance I'd be lucky to get $1k for it, but I'd be hard pressed to find a replacement car in the same condition for the 1k.
Personally I think they should be offered more then the bottom line.

OhioKat, I agree with you. I have a real-life experience. My 1996 Dodge Caravan Sport SE was rear-ended while I saw stopped behind other cars on Airport Highway across from TFD #11.

I wasn

Old South End Broadway

But the area is not as bad as it is made out to be.

It was a about a year and a half ago but there are many in the area that are making the neighborhood a better place.

I live in the general area.


I did not nor do I now disagree with Kooz on the subject of the person trying to get more from a house in an area with the average value in the 30k range,

The value of Mr. Blevins house and property is $16,700 according to the county Auditor.

There are more street and patrol cars because some of us, have complained loud and clear that we want more patrols to make the area safer.

Mr. Blevin could take the money and be happy.

Humorous to me is this;

"Central Catholic has told us repeatedly that if there's somebody who doesn't want to sell, then Central Catholic is simply out of luck, because they can't force anyone to sell," Ms. Lewandowski said."


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