Open Letter To Carty

Open Letter To Carty
Mr. Mayor,

First of all, I want to thank you for your years of service to Our City. Your passion and drive are undeniable. You have met with success on several fronts and have led the way in some key areas. Some of your ideas have been very noble, very timely and very interesting. No one can deny that you have led this city for a very long time and have dedicated yourself to furthering the city in your own way.

"Your Way" is now the problem however. I'm certain you know, even if you do not feel the animosity growing towards you, your administration and the manner in which you conduct yourself in the workplace.

The manner in which you conduct your meetings, the cruel and heartless ranting, the vicious threats and the alleged violence, along with your track record in this matter is absolutely outrageous! You are suppose to lead by example, follow the laws and rules that you have had a major role in developing. You Sir, being the elected Leader of our City are to remain above reproach on these matters and have failed across the board. Your personal conduct is offensive, unwarranted and breaks workplace law every day.

You Sir, along with every other elected, appointed, hired employee of the government are employees of "We The People". The staff you supervise are not your employees, they are our employees. You were merely elected to be the "manager" of this body and as such it is your responsibility to conduct yourself in a manner befitting the charge of duty. You have failed.

It seems the more unrest by the people, the worse you are getting. There's not a week that goes by without some scandal from your office that is both embarrassing and negative for the City on the whole. You are bitter, caustic, resentful and mired in negativity. The "results" you sought are not being achieved and the games you play are unrelenting and having a negative impact where you once had positive influence. You have failed.

I believe you have been in the political realm too long. You've lost sight of what is most important and you have lost support in almost every area you delve into. You've surrounded yourself with fearful idiots, clueless climbers that have everything but the well being of this City in mind. Whatever advice the strong have given you has been clearly ignored and the fact of the matter is, it's time for you to do the only honorable thing left for you to do...... Resign.

At this point Mr. Mayor, the only thing you can do to atone for your failures is to leave before you step in it any further. Resign now and perhaps over time we will hold you in higher esteem than we do now. Resign now and we may be able to look back on you and congratulate you on your successes while overlooking some of the highlights of your negativity. If you force the Citizens to fire you, the only thing we will remember is that we fired you. If this comes to fruition, you will not be remembered for your successes, your strong dedication and passion, you will only be remembered for your vile, rude, ignorant, selfish behavior and that would be a shame considering you've spent your life trying to leave a legacy of positive change.

Mr. Mayor, if we have to fire you, life for you in Toledo will be untenable. All of the favors that people owe you will be expired, all of your influence will be negated and all of your future will be haunted by the smell of defeat and expulsion. If you continue as you are you will be run out of town on the horse you rode in on and that will leave a lasting sting for everyone.

Carty, if you love Toledo as you claim to, then you will do what is right, what is decent and what is in the best interests of the Citizens that gave you not one, but 3 chances to prove you were what you claimed. Please Sir, I implore you to take this one opportunity to save some face, save this City from more scandal, and make the decision that will leave you with some self respect. If you choose to remain, you will feel the wrath of the People in the fall.

Sincerely, one of your many supervisors, Chad Quigley

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You certainly have some humongous maracas ;-)

Nothing to see here Brian, you can move along now :-)

Hooda Thunkit

I disagree that Carty should step down. And replace him with WHO? Toledo was far worse off with Ford. Carty is Carty - what you see is what you get. No surprises, so why people get surprised when he goes into a rant, is beyond me. Personally, I prefer to have Carty & the fire that is Carty than a ho-hum mayor like Ford. Carty gets people riled up, which gets attention drawn to problems. I really fail to see how Toledo would be much different if Carty stepped down. To see a difference, you're going to have to wipe out all elected officials & begin fresh. But you can't blame all Toledo's ills on Carty. He's just an easy target. And Carty makes Toledo that much more colorful & interesting. Not always in good ways of course, but hey, he gets us on the map.

And I don't think it takes big maracaca's to post a letter to Carty on an online forum at all. What's chad got to lose? Not like he's an employee of Carty (unless I don't know that he is). It's just another rant about Carty. Personally, I find these 'Recall Carty' drives to be more tiresome & annoying than Carty himself.

How sad that you find the Mayor's actions and mis-treatment of employees so entertaining. "Colorful and interesting" were your words. Good Lord! I personally take no pride knowing we are the "Springer" show for outsiders. An attitude like yours is one of the glaring examples of why Toledo is what it is.

The fact that Carty gets more attention than Ford is a carisma issue, not a policy change. Apples and Oranges. Carty does not get very much positive attention. Most of his attention is via scandal. I'm quite certain the people on the recieving end of his ranting are Not entertained! I applaud Patsy Scott for her forthcomming on the heals of such a nasty exchange. Nobody deserves to be treated that way in the workplace and certianly not by the Leadership of the City. The Mayor has prepetuated a state of fear among his staff, leading to wrong decisions not just in meetings, but also in the business of the city. Truth and honor are still a mandate for being a Leader. Carty has both lied and behaved dishonorably, shown a lack of self control and a tendency towards mean and cruel behavior with anyone that crosses him.

This along with his other failures are the reasons I believe he should step down. The people he's abused are all smart, educated pro's, they don't deserve this lack of common respect, vile and foul launguage etc. These are not the qualities of leadership. They are the traits of a tyrant. In any other employment setting he would have been fired imediently.

chad - I said what I did, because I was not there to hear what actually happened between Carty & Ms.Scott. I've read her version, and his version - and it's still a 'he said, she said' to me. The same could be said about a lot these incidents - unless there are witnesses, it's 'he said, she said'. I do realize that Carty's charisma is what keeps him afloat (or perhaps, Ford's lacking any that sunk him). And no, I do not find verbal abuse interesting or colorful, and I do admit that Carty's mouth tends to run rampant, in embarrassing ways at times. I am not making excuses for Carty, and I do not approve of his bad temper. But I think requires more than that, to call for a mayoral recall. Recalls of mayors, etc. tend to be for serious charges - more serious than nasty temper tantrums. If nobody likes Carty, then vote him out the next election. It was everybody's option in the last election. So back to my original question - are YOU planning to run for mayor next go'round? I'm not asking to give you a hard time or to be a pain in the ass. I'm asking, because the problem is that I keep hearing people say they voted for Carty because he was better than Ford. I admit to doing & saying that. There never seems to be much of a selection to choose from & it's sad, that it's always the vote for the lesser of two evils (the same is true for presidential votes). My suggestion to anybody who is promoting a Carty recall, is for THEM to run for mayor. Nobody likes who's running or who gets elected, but we keep seeing the same names on the ballot. My guess, is that it's a position that few people would even want. As much as people laughed about Opal Covey, at least she got off her ass & ran her race the best she knew how & could afford to do. Of course, that's another sore spot with me - the high cost of getting elected. I think there should be serious limits on spending for that - a ceiling needs to be put on the total amount that can be spent. Instead of tens of thousands of dollars, keep the ceiling a LOT lower. There are a lot of very intelligent, informed people with great ideas, but they lack the funds & aren't comfortable with begging for money. I realize that begging (fund raising) is how it's done. But it's gotten so far out of control, it borders on the absurd what is spent. But if you have good ideas, and a solid plan on how you'd do things better than Carty - if you can offer an alternative, then go at it.

...he admitted his failures in the paper.

Thanks for leaving god off god damn, Carty. That had to take a lot out of you.

Namely, that I, like her, voted for Herr Finkenbeiner over Ford-only the second, and last, time I ever voted for him-simply because it was a vote AGAINST Ford and John Robinson Block. At least that's how I saw it. Block got Ford elected to push in JRB's smoker ban, and there was no other idea or vision in his head (or JRB's)than that. It cost the town jobs and business, along with (IMO) being socialistic). Had I known in advance the statewide ban would pass, I would never have bothered to vote for ANYONE for mayor, either in the primary (I voted for Opal there ;^)) or the general.
I'm never doing that again as long as I live-vote against someone. If there's no one worth voting FOR, I just won't bother to vote.



"They keep talking about drafting a constitution for Iraq.Why don't we give them ours? It was written by a lot of really smart guys, and we're not using it any more".


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

Please give an example of someone worth voting for. As in what are you looking for? And then ask yourself this question....are You, what you are looking for?

"If you have to intimidate and instill fear to "get things done", you are not a leader. You are a coward that cannot utilize their natural skills to motivate and that in itself shows the ignorance Carty has."

I will respectfully disagree with you Brian.


Are you saying that its ok to intimidate and instill fear in your employees?

I think a true leader is one who is willing to find out what people's needs are by staying in touch on an ongoing and human to human basis. Since those needs are constantly in flux.

A true leader realizes their own limitations and seeks out best practices and advice.

Sometimes a true leader will find out that a person needs strong directive leadership and sometimes they'll find another person needs to be given latitude and perform quite well without micromanagement.

But a true leader never, ever knows everything. They are constantly seeking knowledge.

Someone who knows everything about everybody all the time is not a leader - they are bullies.

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

New post on chad4you to council

...but unless you either worked for someone, or worked under someone, that was a total asshole and lacked leadership skills, you truly cannot appreciate how truly and seriously unqualified Carty really is.

If you have to intimidate and instill fear to "get things done", you are not a leader. You are a coward that cannot utilize their natural skills to motivate and that in itself shows the ignorance Carty has.

I don't give a shit and a gold bar who you are, you are entitled to work in a "Hostile-Free" environment. It's the LAW!

For years, and again too lazy to look stuff up, it's been documented that the police have visited the Fink's house on domestic calls. WHat kind of passion does a man have that would have the police visit. There is also an unsubstantiated rumor that Carty, in another fit of rage, broke his wife's arm and had her flown out. What kind of man inflicts pain and hardship on the woman he claims to love?

For years people have filed lawsuits over Carty's "passion" which includes bruising and lacerations. That's Aggravated Assault. That is a violation of the law.

If you have to "rule your kingdom" by fear and intimidation, you truly are a failure.

I do not know at this time if I will run for Mayor... I'm sure I'm not qualified for all the aspects of the job. There are 2-3 people out there that are ready and able for the task, in my opinion.

I disagree on it taking more than Carty's temper or behavior. This issue of his abuse of people is on it's own, more than enough reason to fire him. This is not about Tom and the Re-call, it's about a shallow, cruel man that has imposed his version of kindness on far too many people. I still think a re-call is not in the best interests of the City on the whole. But I don't like going to the dentist either because it usually involves some pain and suffering. I go twice a year anyway.

I don't support the re-call at this time on it's own merit. However, I do think it's reasonable to ask for Carty to resign. If he quits, we don't have to go through a re-call and we can concentrate on finding the right person for the job. Should the Mayor refuse to leave and the Council refuse to take measures to end this behavior, then I will shift gears and support the re-call and throw my efforts into getting the word out.

I find it sad that Toledo is such a fearful town. I guess I understand it in the same context as the People of Iraq were fearfull of Saddam. That is no excuse though, strength is in living with the fear and moving through it.

I understand your points Starling... I'm doing the best I can to help.

If there's no one worth voting FOR, I just won't bother to vote.

that's how i approach it. neither ford or carty got my vote. i can't stand the idea of voting for the lesser of two evils and can't remember ever doing it.


My time as a leader and as a follower has shown me many different types of leadership styles.

I have been under the laid back I'm-gonna-inspire-you-type. I've been under the tough drill instructor disciplinarian type, I've been under the everything-by-the-numbers type.

I won't say one was any better than the other because all were effective in their own right.

The best leader I think is a combination of all of them. That type of leader knows there are times to imtimidate people and micromanage and there are times to trust your people and let them do their job. In the end it's all about getting the job done and whichever leadership style best gets the job done is the best leadership style for that time and place.

Regardless of whatever leadership style they choose the best thing to do is to follow some of the best advice I was ever given when I was first put into a leadership style and that is: NO MATTER HOW YOU CHOOSE TO LEAD NEVER LET THE STANDARDS BE LOWERED. I try to live by this and I have a pretty good life because of it.



"If you have to intimidate and instill fear to "get things done", you are not a leader. You are a coward that cannot utilize their natural skills to motivate and that in itself shows the ignorance Carty has."

I will respectfully disagree with you Brian.



...knows the abilities and needs of those she leads...utilizing the best method of motivation for each individual - rather than thinking that one method works equally for all.

...never kick the ass of the man who's ass you'll end up kissing later.

...thanks for your input.

"If you have to intimidate and instill fear to "get things done", you are not a leader. You are a coward that cannot utilize their natural skills to motivate and that in itself shows the ignorance Carty has."

Can you elaborate, please, on the disagreement over the statement.

Very true Brian but I've had my ass kicked by some of the best and I didn't let it affect my work later on.

I think you can kick someone's ass but as long as you show them that while you are kicking their ass you do also respect them they'll over look the ass kicking at a later date.

I think that's where the Mayor has problems. Too often he kicks ass and I don't think he shows enough respect. As a result his insubordinates view his ass kicking as hate when it probably isn't the case. The Mayor should do more to show that he respects them even while he's putting their feet to the fire.

Most times in my career I didn't mind being yelled at, micromanaged, or threatened with consequences as long as if I did my job well I was given all due credit. This discussion reminded me of my old Master Gunny's plaque he kept on his wall that said "Hard Words, Big Rewards". He was harder on me than anyone else but under him I barely ever had to work a full day on Friday nor did I win as many commendations. He held you to task and would yell or scream but he was also the first to reward you for a job well done. It was hard but I adapted to his style and his pushing me lead made me far better a Marine than I was under anyone else.



my addressing Carty's ego may have been misconstrued.

I think I should have used "will not" instead of "cannot" as well.

...and as I can understand your situation, here's mine.

For ten years I worked as a maintenance guy on an exclusive billion dollar gated community/premier country club. I was making after three years there about twelve dollars an hour. Now, my "co-worker" is an old-school 65 year old retired NYC sanatation worker. This guy was miserable. He cheated on his wife and told her he was going to divorce her when he retired, and did and married her best friend and moved to Vero. He had alienated his kids blah blah, but the bottom line is this guy is a jerk. Now, I tolerated a lot from this guy, learned the true definition of "total asshole". Screaming in my face because something was missed on the pool deck, stupid stuff like that which was out of my control, but it was his way to "excersize his seniority". It was a "I did all the work and he took the accolades" type relationship. I feel Dr Scott's frustration. I really do.

I then, after ten years, met my now wife and quit my job. Moved onto another company and worked my way up the ladder. Three years, now I'm successful and have become accomplished.

April 1'st, the company I work for aquired the property he works on.

Guess who he has to answer to.

The difference is I am a consumate professional.

..we all know what we look like when the cameras are turned on.

That's how I know he (edit: Carty) knows the difference.

With regards to a plant closure in Massachusetts and yes, in this case, Finkbeiner will play to the cameras as any good politician will.

But the amount of history he has in the public arena betrays him.

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