Boycott Town Hall Meeting

Sunday, June 24, 2007
Boycott Town Hall Meeting
Calling for the Boycott of the Town hall Meeting to be held Monday, 6/25 at Regina Coeli. I feel the best way to get Carty's attention is not to attended. Arguing with Carty is pointless, shutting him down will have the desired effect. The only people that should attend would be standing in support of the Re-call. Silence, perhaps with gags and blindfolds and signs. It's time to express the No Confidence" that we feel and that means no support for any idea of any kind.

I encourage the Citizens to contact their Council person and state the "No Confidence" and ask them to cease all support for the Mayor and his plans, ideas, programs. Inform them that if they fail to do this, they too will be held accountable in the fall.

Now is the time, here is the place and we owe it to ourselves to put an end to tyranny by the leadership and start the process of turning this city around and spur renewal.

If you feel as I do, then stand in support and make it clear that we've had enough right now

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see the headlines:

Toledo's newest Park's Board Member's appointment rescinded by mayor Charlatan P. ("Peanuts") Finkmeister (a.k.a. "Farty Stinkfinger")

Chad, you just may set a new record ;-)

(Remember, "The Schwartz" is always lurking and reporting back to the head rat.)

Hooda Thunkit

Should he decide to go that route, he would have to face the music for that, on top of everything else. I cannot see a positive spin for Brian on the Mayor firing me.

As for Brian himself, well, lurking seems the right term. Kinda like the funky aroma comming from the stench of weakness. He is respectless in the sphere of all things Carty. He himself the subject of the rumor last week of his being hit by the Mayor. And yet, no response to my emails about said smackdown??? Money seems to be Brian's hangup. He sold his soul for his salary.

I have no respect for anyone that hasn't got self respect. That goes for Brian and all the others that take that abuse in the name of carrer and cash. I will now dedicate my actions to speed the replacement of all of the people in power that have let this go on for ever. The Mayor knows 2 things about me...I'm very patient and I'm very resourceful.

I am passionate about positive change for Toledo and we are no where near that. This thing with Carty is just one aspect of a multi pronged approach to the problems. He's not the only rat, but he is the first.

Chad - are you prepared to run for Mayor? If so, have you figured out everything you'll do differently than Carty? And, are you prepared for the Mayoral bashing that will ultimately take place after the first year or two? The bashing always occurs, be it over the mayor or president - within a year or two, everybody's bitching, everybody hates you. I'd be interested in seeing an outline of what your mayoral plans will be, as well as how you intend to accomplish your goals.

There are not that many options for townhall meetings in each area. Not showing up gives you less of a chance to express concerns and possibly get action. Trusting your issues to a councilperson doesn't work out that well for many people since we do have some council persons who don't bother to respond back to phone calls or emails or even written letters.

A townhall meeting isn't the way to demonstrate you have a problem with the Mayor. If you are supporting the recall movement that's your decision but suggesting to people that they not take advantage of an opportunity to speak out? I can't agree with that especially since most of the problems we have are because people didn't speak out or at least become educated voters...

We don't remember days only moments...

ATTEND the force! Attend in numbers so large there isn't room for everyone....

And stick to a single subject..... Demand his resignation!

from the bong.

I've been to several of the Mayor's Town Hall Meetings. It can be waste of time. The Mayor spends most of his time trying to convince the audience that whoever is complaining is blind, misinformed or they are just out-right lying. In addition, please note that he hasn't held a Town Hall Meeting in Central City. He hasn't scheduled one because the National Guard can't be used for such purposes. I don't support boycotting the Town Hall Meetings. Lets use this forum to make him accountable. Lets discuss our agenda and question his answers. Remember, the Mayor has passion for the City of Toledo, but so did Alfred E. Newman.

Aren't city employees the only people who attend those meetings anyway?

Matt Holdridge
The Toledo Tattler

Don't forget Block will have his puppet-er, ah-candidate hand-picked and ready to go.



"They keep talking about drafting a constitution for Iraq.Why don't we give them ours? It was written by a lot of really smart guys, and we're not using it any more".


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

Normally, I would not ask for such a act of defiance by the people. I too believe we should take full advantage of Town Hall meetings. However, in this moment of deep glare, I think the best statement to make is that Carty's behavior is unacceptable and a showing of that for this one instance is worth the forgoing of 1 meeting. Council will respond if pressured by enough of the public. Let's not forget, November is just around the corner and a lot of them are nervous...and they should be.

Essentailly, the Mayor's Town Halls are just another dog and pony show. He may take notes, but I don't see much being done in response to the Citizen's views.

Toledo is full of wag the dog behavior....status quo.

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