Reporting crappy on inflammed Colon

After an altercation over music volume, Mudhens pitcher Ramon Colon socked teammate Jason Karnuth (who was acting as the peace-keeper), causing Karnuth to undergo major facial reconstructive surgery and be out for the season. Apparantly Karnuth's "right eyeball is being held in place by his sinus cavity."

Colon race-bated, saying he was called an expletive and complaining no Lations were consulted by the manager (though the manager is a Latin).

Curious what part of this the Blade doesn't feel is newsworthy?? I've seen one article about Karnuth's wife pressing charges, but they didn't really discuss the extent of what happened. It's been picked up elsewhere.

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Should say "Latinos" not 'lations'.

You're not claiming selective coverage or non coverage on this one, are you?

Why, The Blade would never..., oh, never mind... ;-)

(That's why WSPD-1370 HAS the listeners, BTW...)

Hooda Thunkit

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