University of Toledo Removed Monitor of Athletic Spending

I read this article with some interest.

I am not a sports fan. I ran track and cross-country in high school, but I could care less about football and basketball. I feel college is a place to prepare for your future, and most futures don

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Wow, they must really get dirty on the sidelines. Well, that's business. Once you get in the upper echelons you get all the gravy, and all you have to do is yell at the players. You might get fired from Toledo, but you'll probably end up coaching somewhere. Though maybe without the big clothing allowance. I'm just glad to see my taxes are going for something useful.

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I would want to know just one thing before getting too excited about the finances of the athletic program at U.T. That is how much is being spent by the department and how much revenue does the program bring to the university. If they are running a deficit then I say cut some of the athletic programs. I for one do not want any of my tax dollars being spent without oversight for non academic activities.


"As of this week, the UT athletic department is facing a $1.5 million budget deficit", The Blade

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Suzette Fronk, moved to the athletic department in 2001 found to "deal with a deficit and get a handle on sports spending" (the Blade story). This apparently worked well for about 5 years and then records show she started getting a hard time about two years ago.

Recently her post was eliminated. So who is the big spender with the control issue that the university hired on the athletic staff about 2-3 years ago? Something turned into a monkey wrench in the works.

The university athletic dept NOW sports "a $1.5 million budget deficit, the university's president is demanding tighter controls on athletic spending and policies, and the department is seeking an additional $667,116 in student general fees to help balance the upcoming fiscal year, which begins July 1" again, courtesy of the Blade story.

They want to tap the student fees after they got rid of the only counter balance to departmental spending? Student fees.....oh really.

Bet this doesn't come to pass.

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

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