Developer seeking to buy Toledo landmark

A developer who has gained the reputation as a savior and someone willing to take risks and invest in aging downtown Toledo buildings has set his sights on one of the city's earliest skyscrapers.

David Ball confirmed yesterday that he has entered into negotiations to buy the Fifth Third Center building at Madison Avenue and Huron Street and is close to finalizing the sale.

We need more like him

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Very exciting....Come one, come all...we have a lot of land/buildings and developement opportunity.

Carty will have a problem with this and take steps to impede it.

It'll happen...

Yeah, it appears Carty wasn't involved in this transaction at all. If he doesn't have his hands all over it then you can bet he's going to get those hands involved before too long.

It's also interesting that this is the same developer who the city is currently suing. At least the lawsuit didn't deter Ball from making additional investments downtown. I would be tempted to take my money and investment elsewhere after being sued. it going to take 20 years to get the "tax breaks" for this latest "failure" in Mr Ball's portfolio that Dave has been waiting for with the steam plant?

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