The Carty Recall effort. An open letter to Thomas Morrissey.

A few thoughts about the recall effort for Thomas Morrissey.

Mr. Morrissey,
Out of respect for your age and/or worldly inexperience, I won't rip into you as I would if you were older and/or wiser. I respect that you are “active” in the community, but my understanding stops there. I grew up in Toledo, but have been living and working in Los Angeles in the entertainment industry for more than a decade now. I still care deeply about events in my hometown. I keep an apartment in Downtown Toledo for frequent and sometimes lengthy visits and I can tell you this, the Toledo of my youth and pre-Carty was one I would never have considered living in full-time. That is not as true today as it was before Mayor Finkbeiner pushed through some vital, positive changes.
You may not like Mayor Finkbeiner for whatever reason and, having taken the time to look at your Web site, I believe your reasons are petty, but the fact of the matter is that Carty has done a lot of great things for your community. He has helped turn an ugly, nose-diving city into one with great potential. Money spent to light the bridge, plant flowers and employ the TPD Mounted Unit is money well spent. It screams beautiful, safe and fun to visitors who may also happen to be players in the national and/or international business community. Do you even have a clue as to how crucial this is to Toledo's future?
If you get the signatures you need, the recall election will cost the city money and focus. Anybody with even a little common sense knows it will almost certainly fail. Mayor Finkbeiner won the last election by a sizeable margin. Many people turned off by an iffy recall election for a Mayor who has committed no crime will join the people who already supported him. The media will focus on you at the outset because they need a good story, but then focus on the people who are upset with the wasted tax dollars because they need a good story. In the end, your allies will distance themselves leaving you and you alone to explain your misguided actions.
In addition, I believe that you, your associates and Toledoans like you are one of the major reasons behind Toledo's brain drain. Toledo's media tends to focus on jobs, social activities, blight and even the weather as possible causes. One of the things they miss is the vocal abundance of negative, backward thinking people who call Toledo home. Those who seem content to sit on their hands and complain drown out young people who have vision, hope and common sense. They perpetuate a negative attitude that people of vision, hope and common sense find hard to function in. Mayor Finkbeiner isn't perfect, but an intelligent person knows there's no such thing. An intelligent person looks at the sum total of Carty's efforts and jumps in to help with the positive. Unfortunately, too many Toledoans, instead of embracing the positive, poke and inflame the negatives. So “brain drain” people leave, seeking to live and work in cities where positive people making good efforts are rewarded instead of ridiculed. Your recall effort does nothing to forward the national or international image of Toledo and it does nothing to improve the self-image of Toledoans. In fact, it does just the opposite.
Toledo needs positive people of action if it is going to move forward in this new century. It is going to need people who have your energy but it has to be a positive energy as opposed to this negative energy. Like him or not, Mr. Morrissey, Mayor Finkbeiner is a courageous, positive man of action who has chosen to spend much of his life fighting for Toledo. I think it's high time that Toledo chooses to fight with him.
My name is Robert W. Russ. My e-mail address is sleeplessartist at You are welcome to address me directly. Ironically, that is something lacking on your Web site. It seems you found the time to set-up a Paypal account to collect donations, but couldn't find time for a profile page detailing who you and your supporters are. That's just slightly curious, isn't it Mr. Morrissey?
Robert W. Russ, Los Angeles/Toledo

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Couldn't have said it better myself.

But that being said, Carty is acting just like he did last time he was in office. The people who elected him got exactly what they voted for. Why are people so

The original poster doesn't live here but according to him this is a wonderful place to live. Why doesn't he move back here then and bring his Hollywood friends with him. You know all the "movers and shakers" who he will recommend filming in Toledo to. Whether or not the recall is successful Tom lives here, he didn't choose to move to L.A. or somewhere else. Everyone can comment of course, that's the nature of blogs, and of course everyone will even to commenting on what Tom might or might not do to make the city better. It's really simple though....don't believe in what he's doing, don't sign the petition.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

"The original poster doesn't live here but according to him this is a wonderful place to live. Why doesn't he move back here then and bring his Hollywood friends with him."

Sorry fred, but way to completely oversimplify the situation. People go where the jobs are. I can make a living here in the IT world, because frankly, every business nowadays needs a computer and needs support (however, it took forever for me to find a job here whereas I was receiving offers from Ann Arbor and Columbus). However, do you see any immediate opportunities for producers, actors, extras, makeup artists, etc? Seriously fred, get over the "if you don't live here, you suck" attitude. Half the people on here aren't even within the city limits. Some from Sylvania, Maumee, Holland, yet, everyone is on here discussing because they have an interest in the direction Toledo is headed, whether good or bad. Aren't you or Brian Wilson outside the city limits? Thought I heard that somewhere.

Its great Tom is trying to get involved, but if he's truly interested in bettering Toledo, I'd recommend he balance his interest with other activities such as getting involved in the community. There's UnitedWay, the Chamber of Commerce's EPIC which has task forces setup on things like Economic Development, etc.

Well Said!

In his very first Recall thread I suggested that if he wants even a little respect he should, at the very least, be transparent. that's names and bios of the key people involved in his movement. They want you to donate money to them, but they don't want you to really know who they are?

Why not publish your home phone number? Carty did.

What's that? Carty's an elected official and you're not?

Try again. You're vaulting yourself right there into the limelight. You can be assured that you'll be infamous--not famous--but in the limelight nonetheless.

Are you sure that's where you want to be?

Well I have no problem of Thomas going out there and getting his signatures. I doubt he'll have success but I'll eat crow if he proves me wrong. A part of me does hope he proves me wrong because I feel there isn't much people in this city can do to prevent the overwhelming status quo. I do feel they can try to positively impact the issues and sway them one way or another however.



They want you to donate money to them, but they don't want you to really know who they are?

Is a legitimate non-profit organization. Have they filed for their 501(c) tax-exempt status? If so then they are required by law for full disclosure of their financial records.

If they are not, then I have hard time donating to any organization shrouded in such a cloud of secrecy.

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

I was under the impression that outing people on this board and Toledo Talk was big time against the rules?

I agree with the poster who says we knew what we were getting when we elected Carty and truth be told I'm guessing a lot of people voted for him because he was that way because we'd had enough of Ford who was so laid back he made coma patients look active.

I put my name, face, time and money into all that I do. I fear nothing and nobody. I want Toledoans to know who I am and what I'm about.

I saw Mr. Morrissey and his supporters on the news last night. I have to say, he clearly has the creme of the crop behind him.

And yes, that's sarcasm.

Add Opel Covey to your team, Thomas. It'll give you more credibility.

I literally laughed out loud when I read this piece in the Blade about the news conference yesterday:

"She [a member of the recall effort] also said she didn't agree with his building of a new arena downtown, but then scratched that complaint from her list when told that the arena is being built by the Lucas County commissioners."

Pretty much sums it up...

Is that you!?!


Sorry but seeing this person dosent even live in Toledo I can only take the letter as seriously as a fart in the wind.


Unless the WTOL profile is wrong, a person with the same username zoocheetah lives in Toledo and is looking for a job and this was in Feb 2007. It appears the same because it says this person lived in Hollywood. I also thought the "my friend" comment in the original letter looked interesting and sounded familiar. Maybe the original poster would like to clarify. The story does not jive.

Carty is more responsible for brain drain than Thomas. Hey this is America. Don't agree with what Thomas says then don't help him out. Thomas has stronger footing now than any other effort in the past. He has every right to work for a recall as what Carty had running for an office. It is a slippery slope to want to say someone is the problem when they don't agree with you. Sort of like being in a burning car, if you ignore the fire it will end up surrounding you, then it is too late. Maybe Thomas is right, maybe wrong, but he is following what the law prescribes and there is nothing wrong with this. we are a nation of laws not feelings!!!!!

Fred. Does it matter where I live?

Mr. Vader, yes these are things you will find out about me if you know how to Google. That is my Myspace page and my profile on the WTOL website.

For the sake of clarity I do have a home in Los Angeles and do continue to work there on a freelance basis. I lease an apartment in Toledo and am in fact seeking full-time work in Toledo. I spend most of my time in Toledo now as I am looking after a family member who is having health issues but have always planned to raise a family here at some point. Toledo, no matter where I may be or lay my head at night, is my home.

If you'd like to know anything else you can ask. I have nothing to hide and no agenda other than to help make my hometown of Toledo, Ohio the best place it can possibly be. For my family, yours, Thomas

Thanks to the people who are concerned about me being

Its funny you mention it, but before Carty was elected the first time, I associated him with "the creme of the crop" and still do.

impact, your comments are worthless. Give up the "if ya don't live ya, you don't count" attitude. Whose to say he's not contributing more than you are to the community? Whose to say he doesn't come by for a month or two to visit, and at the same time, do community work and what have you? There's plenty of people who DO live in Toledo and do absolutely SHIT for the community, and those are the people I will take as seriously as a fart in the wind.

"Carty is more responsible for brain drain than Thomas."

Wow, 2 years is all it takes to start the brain drain movement? Wow, I swear it could have been going on for years and years even before Carty's first term, but whatever.

Indeed, the stalking of this poster bothers me. He let us know who he was and how to contact him. Are you trying to impress us with your ability to find out his myspace page Vader? He opined clearly, didn't say anything outrageous, and made many good points. I find it very troublesome that Vader sought the need to expose more of him than necessary.

If, per se, Zoocheetah tried to expose Thomas Morrisey beyond what was posted on this site, I would find it acceptable. However, Zoocheetah did no such thing. Zoocheetah merely expressed his opinion concerning the Recall Carty campaign. He did not attack, stalk, or do anything predatory towards Thomas Morrison. However, Vader and that other jackass attacked, stalked, and tried to expose Zoocheetah. This, in my humble opinion, is the weakest form of argument. If these are the antics of the Recall Carty campaign, then perhaps we should take a closer look at the Recall Carty campaign. After all, Carty himself wished Thomas all the best, according to 13abc.

What is with your stalking of this guy? It's creepy, to say the least....

And to clarify, the "other jackass" I was referring to was username "impact." I was unable to reference it at the time due to site design restrictions. Though I suppose I could have openned up another browser.

"the stalking of this poster bothers me"

Glad I'm not the only one creeped out by it...

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