Study: Cut Nicotine in Cigarettes

The report is not mine but the comments after each point are those of another poster, and he has information to backup each comment and has been at it since 1998. He said we are witnessing the biggest FRAUD of the 20th century. His remarks are inserted between ( & ).

Study: Cut Nicotine in Cigarettes
Associated Press Writer

The Food and Drug Administration should regulate tobacco and develop a plan to reduce nicotine levels in cigarettes, the Institute of Medicine urged Thursday.

Its report calls on Congress and the president to give FDA the authority to enforce standards for nicotine reduction and to regulate companies' claims that their products reduce exposure or risk.

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Here is a link to the National Academies process of producing scientific reports. It is a very well-established, thought-out process. Original sponsors of reports (usually congressmen, but can be foundations, etc.) have nothing to do with the final report. It is one of the best processes of producing independent, scientific reports out there. It was set up in this fashion to be independent of the lobbying process found in Congress itself, to provide the best info available to the president and the nation. No wonder they have clashed with the president so much ;)

Here is the link to the report itself. Many of the claims above are refuted in the report itself, if anyone cares to read it.

Don't know who the author of the comments is, but I'm not sure what their proof is, or what their credentials are. It's easy to take someone else's document and proclaim that it's wrong, and that there's proof, but not provide any direct proof. Lot harder to construct a cogent argument in defense of said statements. And it doesn't sound as if the author even read the report, as comments about not backing up figures and refusing to do so (they DO in the report) and others are, frankly, ridiculous.

It was an Associated Press article.

I caught the article itself, I was more wondering who the anonymous poster who made the inserted comments was...

The original post of this article can be found at His user name & email address are posted along with the original article. I did not include his email here - just didn't think it was necessary, but he's fine with his comments being posted. That site also has many links in the files which are interesting.

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Just turn the country over to organized crime , they'll be more than happy to supply any type of smokes anyone wants. Laws of unintended consequences and all that.


Why should one more drop of our soldiers blood be spilled on foreign soil? Why fight/die for 'freedom' anymore when our citizens are pissing it away at the voting booth?


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

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