How Much Would You Pay to Ride the Light Rail?

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Ah, there

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What would the advantage over taking a bus be? If you have to get to the location to get on this train in the first place, wouldn't it make more sense to just get on the bus at the stop closest to your home? I'm curious how they'd pay for this. With all the cities whining how there's no money to do anything, how could they afford to do this?

Real poll is how much are you willing to raise your property taxes each year to fund this mess, its construction delays, environmental impacts, bridge access, and its increasing labor, insurance, security, & maintenance costs.

Probably cheaper to give every registered driver in Toledo a new Jeep.

...way of phrasing the question:

Would you pay $ 1.00
Would you pay $ 1.50
Would you pay $ 2.00

This under (whatever) is too vague.

I would pay one dollar which doesn't fit the under $1.00 question, and the under $ 1.50 would surely be interpreted as something more than $ 1.00.

With polls like this, you'd be better off just asking the question and displaying the results as YOU tabulate them.

IF I were to ride the trolley, I'd much prefer a monthly pass though.


Wondering about all of those old buried or torn up trolley tracks..., What a waste destroying them was :-(

Hooda Thunkit

There are several advantages.

For instance the price of gas. By taking a train from say Spring Meadows to downtown a $3 two way ticket 5x a week = $15 compared to a full tank of gas (my car has a small tank and it costs me $35 a week in gas for less than a 15 mile commute back and forth plus other expenses). Besides what's it cost to park downtown a week nowadays?

Your car would be driven less so oil changes, tune ups, tires, tire rotations could all be done less effectively saving you more $$. Additionally if ridership was high enough the cost of maintaining roads would go down as less daily commuters on the roads.

Also accidents. A bus route is just as affected by a traffic accident as a driver who drives themselves. A rail is not affected by an accident. It still arrives on time.

If there's a UT stop an old orchard resident could walk to and from their stop on the rail. Likewise a Harvard Blvd resident could walk to a Zoo stop.

If UT, already a state funded entity, got the funding to create a light rail from UT to UT Med College and also from UT going to Scott Park and further to downtown it could show the city there is a demand for a reliable transportation. The city could create it's own lines or extend already existing UT lines.

Likewise if a rail line existed from Spring Meadows to downtown a express rail from Spring Meadows could be extended to the airport. Thus increasing ridership at the airport as you don't have to pay airport parking nor do you have to buy gas to Detroit Metro.