How Far Would You Be Willing to Walk to Catch the Trolley?

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I used to live out near the corner of Byrne and Heatherdowns for about three years. I would get off the bus near Byrne, and Glendale, and hoof it to my apartment about a half mile away.

I kept a close eye on the bus schedule, and would sometimes have to catch the bus nearer Detroit Avenue. I would ride the bus one way, and walk/run the other either before or after work. Sometimes I walked/ran as much as mile to get to a bus stop on time.

I wonder how many people will do something like that to

Old South End Broadway

Do they have a place to put your bike like Tarta does? That would make me consider using it more. That is if I lived in Toledo. Also, it would be nice if they ran later in the evening. Not everyone works the day shift.



What advantage would using a trolley have over using a bus for the user? I dont' use the buses, and wouldnt use the trolley, so I wouldn't walk any distance to catch a trolley.

A large reason I never use buses (or would use the trolley) is simply that I tend to do a lot of stop & go errands when I'm out, and my time counts for a lot to me. I like to get things done & be done with it all as fast as possible. Trolleys Like buses, would eat up more of my time, with the walk & wait factor (and I tend to drive faster).

I don't take the bus and I honestly don't see myself making use of a light rail option.
My preferred work shift is 3rd shift and I don't see myself standing around for a bus or train in the middle of the night. Especially in the rain or snow.
I'm with starling, when I'm out and about I want to get stuff done. Not stand around waiting for the next bus/train.

I can see where it might sound good in theory, but from what I've read it's going to be awefully expensive and probably won't be going any place I'm wanting to go.
Kind of reminds me of that Simpsons episode where they put in a monorail...

yup...they have places to stow bikes.... Portland is the Mountian bike capitol of the planet..laf!