Crossroads for Toledo

Toledo has come to a crossroads that will reflect the character of it's Citizens. We have a chance, right now, to change the way this City moves forward. We can either go down a path of instability and divisiveness or we can join together and show the world we can do anything..even fix this town. We can continue to in fight and carry on about the petty differences or we can show up and be a part of the forward movement we need.

Bullet points that will change the City for the better:

* Demand the Mayor make staff changes in his top tier. Replace them with non-partisan members of the community so he can recieve a ballanced judgement/advice on City matters.

* Demand the School Board become equally split politicly speaking so the students will outweigh the politics.

* Demand that infrastructure repair and replacement take the front burner over further development, new construction and expansion.

* Reduce City Council to 8 members with 11 sq miles of responsibility each.

* Reduce the executive staff and department coonsolidate to reduce overhead and simplify the process of accountability and decision making.

* Demand the Administration and City Council withdraw funding for extrainious programs and projects and fund a computer system replacement with a intrograted system by the end of the fiscal year.

* Demand the City consolidate into 1 or 2 downtown buildings, putting up for sale several locations that they currently occupy. All under one roof if possible.

* Demand the City sell of it's intrests in the Docks, the Erie Street market and other venues to the private sector.

* Demand the City stop funding for programs that offer a less than 50% success rate.

* Demand that City employees pick up theri portion of health care expenses.

Doing this will speed up the process of re-building our City and eliminate needless waste of taxpayer monies. It will free up resources and staff for the more important tasks of infrastructure and stability of the municipal government. This will send the message that we are able to re-configure our system to streamline action and concentrate on the desires and requirements of Toledo's Citizens.

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If I could learn to spell

Never happen tho. This city suffers from more than just mismanagement. There's also rampant brainwashing to blindly vote for one way or another, no matter what's being said by the candidate, and a tremendous apathy problem.

Too many people just want to roll over and have someone ELSE take care of them.

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