The website Recallcarty is up and running! Dont miss the Press Conference Tuesday May , 29 @ 11;30 there will be free parking, so bring signs, banners , friends and family to show your support! We will meet in the back of the building. SEE YOU THERE!

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Ugly looking website. I hope your professionalism goes much further beyond your website.

i don't think it's a bad looking website. while this isn't saying much, it's ten times better than the city's site.

Its' very unprofessional, and I don't see them as a serious threat to Carty. If they were selling an item on their website, there's not a chance I'd trust giving money to them. Same deal here, I can't trust an effort that can't even put the time and effort behind their movement. Their website is the number one point of reference for citizens who want to learn more about their movement, yet, they make it look very unprofessional and their arguments are in the form of whiny rants.

It's just a basic template that the campaign builder uses, it's their standard flash intro and then their basic template style with a few individualized changes. While they do a nice job, they are a bit pricey, but they do provide a nice clean basic website.

Thomas, you went thru Go Daddy to get the domain, it probably would have been cheaper to just use their website builder than to use campaign builder. However what I find funny is that the domain was purchased or transferred to you in November of 06, which considering he took office in January of 06, ten months into his term you knew then you wanted to be involved in recalling him?

You definitely have your talking points down on the website and I'm sure City Council is pretty darn relieved to discover that they don't seem to have any responsibility in the condition/running of our City at all. Unless I missed something, everything seems to be Carty's fault alone, which is logical because if the message was out there that it wasn't just him, people would be less inclined to want to support a recall effort.

Since you are using the same web addy as the 1999 Recall Carty effort, on day 87, when they decided to shut down the campaign for signatures:

Day 87 - 9500 Estimated Signatures as of 07/07/99 P.M. - 1300+ in progress petitions not included of the 35,000+ needed.

I know some of those who were involved in that effort, they worked hard to collect the signatures they did, and they didn't come close. While this time around you need less signatures than they did, I'm not sure you are going to eat, drink, sleep and live the recall Carty movement as much as a few of them did...

Anyway, I don't agree the solution is to recall the Mayor but it's your right as a citizen to put forward a recall effort, and then it is up to the residents of Toledo to decide if close to 20,000 of them agree with you during the next 90 some days.

We don't remember days only moments...


Socialist solution, pardon?

Cancer of Toledo?

The campaign needs a bit more to go on then what is shown on the web site.

The website looks pretty juvenile & uneducated (and uninformed) to me. I don't think a recall is any solution, but even if I did - one look at that website wouldn't make me think it had a chance. Lisarenee summed it up pretty well. A 'cancer on Toledo'? And what's with the steamplant accusations (under the 'downtown' link)? I don't think that can be only Carty's fault that it hasn't been developed yet. I voted for Carty two times, and while I'm not always happy with some of his antics - I much prefer him to the likes of Ford. Carty has a fire in his belly which I like - he gets people fired up. Ford was soo boring, seemed half asleep all the time, and bored or lacking in imagination. While I agree about the money spent on the shower & flowers, I don't think you can blame all of toledo's ills on Carty. People bitch about the garbage tax, but there's a lot of other places that it'd cost you much more. A few dollars a month & you want a recall? I also think the police horses are well worth any upkeep the require. Get over yourself thomas.

You claim that you only see the police horses during Mudhens games... go downtown during lunchtime and you'll see them then too. That's kind of a weak argument, I must admit.

Its funny how so many people are so vehemently against the idea. Let the people vote for goodness sakes, it wont hurt anybody. At least this young man has the guts to do something. And lets be realistic, we all know if this gets on the ballot Carty WILL BE RECALLED.His approval ratings are way too low to avoid it. Studies show people go to the polls in mass to vote against things. I admit itll be tough to get it on the ballot. But I will support Thomas and this effort financially if he gets the required signatures. Things need to be shaken up around here. Tired of the same old regurgitated people running this city..

The arguement that at least Recall Tommy is doing something is pretty weak. It's like saying it makes sense for a guy to gather buckets of water for a fire that doesn't exist. He may by doing somehting...but its serving no purpose.

Nothing personal Recall Tommy.

Obviously the opinons on swampbubbles dosent relfect the city at large. If he gets the required signatures it will be clear that there is a large portion of the city does think "theres a fire"..

Like lisarenee pointed out - he had the domain name before Carty even got re-elected. He's been planning this for some time. I highly doubt a recall would work, and I don't support one.

He never woulda lasted the 1st year! Even here in toledo, shrinking and tippy as it is, no one man or woman is at complete fault. It's everyone! More than 60% put him back in office and that is a fact! And it happened becuase, love him or hate him, he musta done something right in his eariler terms. And for all the people bitchin now, look in the mirror...It was Carty or Ford....if there was a better choice..where were they and why didn't 1 single person stand up and take him on???

He's the Mayor, and even when I freak out at some of the things that go on as a result, I give him credit for his position and athority and the fact that he stays in spite of all the ridicule and harrasment that for him, seems to be way above the normal for any politician. Yeah, he does some outlandish stuff sometimes, and he shoots from the hip...most likely the reason he's back, he's gonna stay and all of this will be a faded memory in the fall.

After reading and partaking in the blog world, I find it hilarious that anyone's complaints about the things that our Mayor says and does... I mean really....Outragous is a Toledo

I won't be a bit suprised to find out the whole this has been in motion for years and that the "donor List" includes a laundry list of the Mayor's political rivals. The really sad irony is that I'm betting it's from within his own party as much as anywhere. I guess ya never quite know where the wheesels are? Nothing is more pittiful than sore loosers.

purchased or transferred? Not prior to the election. There is a tremendous amount of pushback at the idea of recalling the Mayor.

So, per usual, I"m sure I am missing something. Can anyone give me a list of pro's for the Mayor. His own accomplishments for nearly a year and a half back in office?

I'm certainly willing to listen to his achievements. The man gets enough negative press and I for one don't trust the press across the board anymore.

Anybody have any input for the positive achievements column? And feel free to take pot shots at me if it makes you happy. It has been a real eye opener for me lately, you might say :-)

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

It's always good to see young people care enough to get involved first-hand in their community, and he has every right to do this.

That said, the website did provide a few yucks. Calling Carty a "cancer" and "danger" to Toledo might be a tad over-the-top, eh? This thing with the horses--I work downtown, and I do believe there have been horse-back patrols for 15-20 years (this would cover a couple other mayors other than Carty). "Are horses more important than people?"---yowsa.

To me, you attempt to recall a mayor if he and/or those in his administration are awash in scandal and potentially law-breaking activities, criminal allegations that would hold up in a court of law.

Bike path? Expensive shower? Flowers? Confronting the SeaGate Hotel manager? Throwing a coffee mug or two or twenty?
I don't see it, but best of luck. one aspect of the reasoning. Just because Carty has bad poll numbers in terms of his approval rating, does not mean that people will go to the polls to vote him out of office.

The key to whether or not they will actually take such action (assuming they can gather sufficient signatures to cause a vote) will be the President of City Council who will become mayor upon the successful effort.

Traditionally, people won't get rid of an elected official unless the alternative is perceived as being better. So my question would be this: who on city council would you support as mayor?

As for the website, I think that the layout and ease of use are fine...but the content is not. All caps don't encourage readership. As others have said, it places blame for city spending at Carty's feet when we all know that Council contains the pursestrings for many of those expenditures.

Bottom line - a lot of people don't like Carty. A lot of others don't like many of the decisions he's made. A lot of people love him.

But before a recall vote will be successful, there has to be a better alternative waiting in the wings. And a recall effort has no control over that.

Whom would I choose from the "Unknown" catagory????? I'm gonna have to think about that....

Either way this goes, the next time we have to vote for a Mayor, we might want to think about that a lot more seriously. Choosing an unknown, non partisan, common sense thinking individual would be the absolute best option, in my not so humble opinion;)

Someone that doesn't owe anyone any favors and is still objective and analitical.

Shortly after he was elected in 1993, my wife, infant daughter and I were living on Algonquin Parkway in West Toledo.

A city work crew (maybe crew sub-contracted by the city, whatever) was paving the street and I think doing some sewer work. These guys would show up around 8-8:30 in the a.m. and seem to drift away from the job site shortly after lunch...1:30, maybe 2 p.m. A couple other neighbors besides myself noticed this. We just chuckled. This took place Monday through Friday.

Anyway, Saturday morning comes, people are maybe wanting to sleep in a little after a hard work-week, and who shows up about 6:30-7 a.m. to finish the street? The city boys. The entire block is awakened to the sound of jackhammers, back-hoes, etc. I fly out of bed, see some other neighbors outside, everyone's pissed, figuring these guys came back, probably on OT on a Saturday morning, to finish a job they probably could have completed during the week.

I come in and grab the phone book. "Who the hell are you calling?" my wife asks. "The f#cking mayor," I reply.

Carty at the time made of point of saying he was available to talk to any city resident about a complaint or grievance or even just a suggestion, just call his personal number listed in the book.

So I did, of course got his answering machine, vented for a minute, left my name and number, and figured that was the end of it.

About four hours later Carty calls, tells me he's sure I must be mistaken about the guys cuttin' out early during the week, but he was going to speak to the foreman of the crew and iron it out. Basically he was telling me I was full of it, but did so politely, and more important to me, actually did return a city residents' call per his promise.

You're right lisarenee - I did misread your post.

Section 75. Ordinances may be initiated.

Any proposed ordinance may be submitted to the Council by petition filed with the Clerk and signed by electors of the City equal in number to twelve percent (12%) of the total number of votes cast for all candidates for Mayor at the most recent general municipal election at which the Mayor was elected.

(Amended by electors 11-3-92)
Section 76. Duty of Council when petition sufficient.

If the certificate of the Clerk shows the petition to be sufficient, the Clerk shall submit the proposed ordinance to the Council at its next regular meeting. The Council shall at once proceed to consider the same and shall take final action thereon, within thirty days from the date of the submission thereof. If the Council fails to adopt such proposed ordinance it shall be submitted to the vote of the electors in the same manner as for an ordinance upon which a referendum vote is demanded.

(Amended by electors 11-7-00)
Section 77. Proceedings for referendum when Council amends.

If the Council passes the proposed ordinance with amendment substantially changing its tenor or effect, the ordinance in its original form shall be submitted to a vote as in the case of failure to pass in any form, provided that the proponents thereof secure and cause to be filed with the Clerk, within fifteen days after final action by the Council, an additional petition for the adoption thereof signed by electors of the City equal in number to at least one percent of the total number of ballots cast for Members of Council at the preceding municipal election; provided that no elector having signed the original petition or for such ordinance shall be eligible to sign the additional petition, and no signatures made or petition paper signed before action by the Council on the original petition shall be valid for the additional petition. If the ordinance as originally proposed is adopted by the electors, the amended ordinance as passed by the Council, shall be without effect, and in any case the operation of such amended ordinance shall be suspended until a referendum is possible to be had.

(Amended by electors 11-7-00)
Section 78. Ordinance to repeal may be initiated.

Proposed ordinances for repealing any existing ordinance in whole or in part may be submitted to the Council as provided in the preceding sections for initiating ordinances.
Section 79. Compulsory referendum of certain measures - franchises.

No ordinance or resolution for a public improvement requiring or authorizing the expenditure of more than fifteen percent (15%) of the average gross annual current operating expenditures by the City for the five (5) fiscal years immediately preceding, or for the granting of a general public utility franchise, shall be effective until the same shall be approved by a majority vote of the electors voting thereon; provided, however, no convention center, exhibit hall, sports arena, or municipal theater, other than a sports arena located in the City's Marina District, being the area bounded by the Maumee River, Interstate Highway 280, Front Street and Main Street, shall be constructed, acquired, or leased unless the ordinance or resolution authorizing construction bidding, acquisition, or leasing shall have been approved by a majority vote of the electors voting thereon, whether or not such ordinance or resolution requires or authorizes the expenditure of more or less than fifteen percent (15%) of the average gross annual current operating expenditures by the City for the five (5) fiscal years immediately preceding. A general public utility is one in which all the people of the City may have an interest.

(Amended by electors 9-11-01)
Section 80. Duty of Clerk to request election thereon.

Within five days after the passage of an ordinance or resolution within the provisions of the preceding section, the Clerk of the Council shall request the election authorities to call a special election to be held not less than thirty nor more than fifty days after the passage of such ordinance or resolution.
Section 81. Referendum on Petition.

Every ordinance shall be subject to the referendum if at any time within thirty (30)days after its adoption a petition signed by electors of the City equal in number to at least twelve percent (12%) of the total number of votes cast for all candidates for Mayor at the most recent general election at which the Mayor was elected be filed with the Clerk requesting that such ordinance be submitted to the people for consideration.

(Amended by electors 11-3-92)
Section 82. Ballots on referendum.

The ballots used in voting upon any measure submitted to the electors for approval shall contain the title and subject thereof, which may be stated in the title, and underneath the two propositions, "For the ordinance (resolution or amendment)" and "Against the ordinance (resolution or amendment)." Immediately at the left of each proposition there shall be a square in which by making a cross (X) the voter may vote for or against the proposition.

(Amended by electors 11-4-19)
Section 83. Elections on Referendum and Initiative Petitions.

Elections as to initiative and referendum petitions shall be held at the next regular general or primary election occurring not less than seventy-five (75) days after the Clerk certifies the issue to the election authorities.

(Amended by electors 11-3-92)
Section 84. Effect of approving vote.

If a majority of the votes cast be in favor of a measure submitted to referendum, the same shall thereupon become adopted as if it had been passed by Council; or in case of an amendment to the Charter, it shall become of full force as a part thereof.
Section 85. Emergency measures subject to referendum.

An emergency measure shall be subject to a referendum as other ordinances or resolutions. If, upon a referendum, it be not approved, it shall stand repealed, but any expense incurred in accordance with the provisions thereof and before the disapproval by referendum shall be paid under the authority thereof as if the measure were still effective. Until repealed upon referendum it shall continue effective.
Section 86. Power of the Council to amend or repeal.

After the people have legislated for themselves, either by initiating legislation or passing favorably or unfavorably upon legislation referred to them by any body, their action is final and shall not be subject to amendment or repeal, without a general vote of the people of Toledo on same.

(Amended by electors 11-2-15)
Section 87. Recall of officer by petition.

(Repealed by electors 11-6-34)
Section 87A. Removal of Officer by Recall Petition.

Any elected officer provided for in this Charter may be removed from office by the electors by the following procedure:

A petition for the recall of the elected officer containing a statement in not more than two hundred (200) words of the grounds for the recall may be circulated once in any calendar year within a circulation period not to exceed ninety (90) days, and may be filed with the Clerk of Council. Such petition to be sufficient shall be signed by at least that number of electors which equals twenty-five percent (25%) of the electors voting at the last regular City election for that office. Within ten (10) days after the day on which such petition shall have been filed, the Clerk shall determine whether or not it meets the requirements hereof. If the Clerk shall find the petition insufficient, the Clerk shall promptly certify the particulars in which the petition is defective, deliver a copy of the certificate to the person who filed the petition, and make a record of such delivery. Such person shall be allowed a period of twenty (20) days after the day on which such delivery was made in which to make the petition sufficient. If the Clerk shall find the petition sufficient, the Clerk shall promptly so certify to the election authorities, shall deliver a copy of such certificate to the officer whose removal is sought, and shall make a record of such delivery. If such officer shall not resign within five (5) days after the day on which such delivery shall have been made, the election authorities shall thereupon fix a day for holding the recall election at the next regular municipal election held not less than sixty (60) days after the expiration of the period of five days last mentioned. No petition to recall shall be filed within one (1) year after an officer takes office.

(Added by electors 11-3-92)
Section 87B. Ballots.

The ballots at such recall election shall conform to the following requirements: With respect to each person whose removal is sought, the question shall be submitted: Shall (name of person) be removed from the office of (title of office) by recall. Immediately following each such question there shall be printed on the ballots the two propositions in the order here set forth: For the recall of (name of person); Against the recall of (name of person).

(Added by electors 11-3-92)
Section 87C. Filling of Vacancies Created by Recall.

In any such recall election, if a majority of the votes cast on the question of removal of any officer is affirmative, the person whose removal is sought shall thereupon be deemed removed from office upon the certification of the official results of that election and the vacancy caused by such recall shall be filled in the manner provided in this Charter for filling vacancies in such office. The officer removed by such recall election shall not be eligible for appointment to the vacancy created thereby.

(Added by electors 11-3-92)
Section 87D. Term Limitations.

(a) No person shall serve more than twelve (12) consecutive years on the Council and shall not be placed on the ballot for election for any term if service for the full term would constitute a violation hereof; except that the two (2) year term served by district Council members during 2002 and 2003 in order to commence "staggered terms" will not count against the permitted total of twelve (12) consecutive years or be considered an "interruption" for purposes of determining the twelve (12) consecutive years a person has served. For purposes of this section no distinction shall be made between an at-large or district Council member except for the district Council members serving two years terms during 2002 and 2003. A Council member who has completed service of twelve (12) consecutive years may be elected or appointed to City Council if such term or partial term for which the Council member is elected or appointed shall commence no earlier than one year from the date on which such Council member completed his or her twelve (12) consecutive years of service on City Council.

(b) No person shall serve more than two (2) consecutive four (4) year terms as Mayor; provided, however, that service in the position of Mayor pursuant to appointment or succession to that office, or service on the Council pursuant to appointment to the position of Mayor, shall not be credited toward any term limitation.

(Amended by electors 11-7-00; 11-7-06)
Section 88. Validity of recall petitions.

(Repealed by electors 11-6-34)
Section 89. Proceeding when petition sufficient.

(Repealed by electors 11-6-34)
Section 90. Conduct of election - candidates - ballots.

(Repealed by electors 11-6-34)
Section 91. Limitation on recall elections.

(Repealed by electors 11-6-34)
Section 92. Requirements of petition.

A petition to initiate an ordinance, or for a referendum of an ordinance or resolution, or of an amendment to this charter, need not be made on one paper, but may be the aggregate of two or more petition papers. Each signer of a petition paper shall sign his or her name in ink or indelible pencil, and shall place thereon, after his or her name, his or her place of residence by street and number. To each paper there shall be attached an affidavit by the circulator thereof stating the number of signers thereto and that each signature thereon is the genuine signature of the person whose name it purports to be, and that it was made in the presence of the affiant.

(Amended by electors 11-7-00)
Section 93. Uniformity of petition papers.

Petition papers circulated with respect to any proposition shall be uniform in character and form. The Clerk shall determine and keep on file forms of blanks to be used in the several instances of petition, and all petition papers shall conform to such forms, respectively.
Section 94. What the petition shall show.

If the petition is to initiate an ordinance, or to refer an ordinance or resolution, or for an amendment to this Charter, each petition paper shall set forth the proposed measure in full. Every petition, whether for initiating an ordinance or other purpose, shall bear the names of five electors whose names shall appear on each petition paper, and who shall thereon be designated as the proponents of the proposition of the petition, and who shall be recognized as the committee in charge thereof.
Section 95. Clerk to determine sufficiency of petition.

The Clerk shall determine the sufficiency of a petition within ten days after the same is filed with him or her, and endorse his or her certificate thereon. When supplemental petition papers are filed, as herein provided, the Clerk shall determine the sufficiency of the petition as supplemented within ten days and endorse thereon his or her finding.

(Amended by electors 11-7-00)
Section 96. Supplementing certain insufficient petitions.

If the Clerk certifies that a petition to initiate an ordinance, or to amend this Charter, is insufficiently signed, the same may be supplemented by the filing with the Clerk within fifteen days, of an additional petition paper or papers, prepared, signed and authenticated as in the case of the original petition.
Section 97. Effect of Clerk's decision.

The final decision of the Clerk that a petition is insufficient shall not prejudice the filing of a new petition for the same purpose. The finding of the Clerk as to the sufficiency of a petition shall be a final order.
Section 98. Duty of Clerk when petition sufficient.

After the Clerk determines that a petition is sufficient, the Clerk shall certify the fact to the Council, and, if the petition requires an election, also to the election authorities, of whom the Clerk shall request that provision for an election be made.

(Amended by electors 11-7-00)
Section 99. Notice of election.

In case of a referendum election, the Clerk, not less than twenty days before the date thereof, and on the tenth day before said date, shall cause to be published in the City Journal a notice of such election. The notice shall set forth a true copy of the measure as given in the petition or resolution.
Section 100. Publication of initiated ordinances.

Initiated ordinances, if passed by the Council, shall be published as in case of measures originating in the Council. Ordinances or resolutions, or amendments to this Charter, adopted upon a referendum need not be subsequently published, but a statement that they are effective as a result of the referendum, giving the full title of each approved, shall be made in the City Journal.$fn=altmain-nf.htm$q=recall%20$x=server$3.0#LPHit1

The site is very unprofessional & juvenile. I agree, presentation means something - this is a serious thing to attempt a recall of the mayor, and the site just strikes me as childish, without serious facts. If I were looking for a new doctor or mortgage broker for a re-finance, & showed up at my appointed time, and saw that the signs on the door & windows were all hand made & sloppy looking, I would not take that doctor or mortgage broker seriously enough to do business with them. The language the site's owner chose is childish & it does give me the sense of trying to assemble a parade (to quote another poster here). "We'll all meet out back" - or words to that effect, just seems highly unorganized & thrown together.

More importantly (to me anyway) - The owner of this recall idea/plan's wife works for the city & it was suggested that she was catching some flak over her husband's recall plan. Fair or not, I think it shows enormous disrepect for his wife & her job to pursue this. I learned this the hard way. After the shootings at Daimler I'd read many inaccurate claims (The same people always seem to be out there looking to get their face on the news whether they're goof-balls or not, and the media plays right into it.) I wrote a letter to the editor of the Blade & it got printed. I didn't clear this with my husband who works (ed) along side the people involved in the shootings first. Everything I wrote was true & accurate. But my husband caught a LOT of flak from other employees & management - many of whom were defending the shooter because they were friends or felt he had reason enough to shoot. My husband called me on the phone the day the letter was printed and asked me "What did you DO????? You may as well have painted a target on my back." The tone in his voice was quiet, & I could hear the fear in his voice. Needless to say, I was horrified that a simple 'shoot my mouth & opinion off' had put my husband & his job in jeoprody. I promised him that I'd never, ever write another letter to an editor again about anything regarding Daimler or Jeep, and I haven't. I bit my tongue a lot over that shooting mess - I knew that a lot of what some people were saying to the media was bullshit because my husband was in a position to know it was bullshit. I bit my tongue when I'd overhear people gossiping about the crap the media was spewing over what these 'employees' were saying. But I learned my lesson. My husband's job, reputation & safety is far more important to me than feeding a need I have about telling the other side or the truth just because I can, & just because it's something I feel strongly about. I've learned to pick my battles carefully. And I'd suggest that the guy who's in charge of the Carty recall choose his just as carefully & show his wife some respect.

I'm sorry thomas, I read this post "I'm not the "recall Tommy." I just happen to be a "Tom" as well. I have talked to him, but he dropped pushing his own recall effort because his wife was getting flack from her job - she works for the city." and for some reason, it stuck in my mind that it was the recall guy's wife who worked for the city. My mistake, I should have gone back & re-read before 'shooting my mouth off'. Again, I apologise.

Having more than a few 'senior moments' lately.

Thomas credit for getting something done.

Trying to make it appear people were either afraid of change or afraid of Carty. The simple basic truth is if you want different leaders in our city than vote different people in. Get people registered to vote, make sure everyone you know is educated as to candidates and issues. Most importantly, Make SURE THEY VOTE!

When we live in a town where people actually thought that Phil Copeland was the deceased Bill Copeland, it should be obvious to anyone that voter information/education is the only real key to change.

We don't remember days only moments...

for garbage collection (or anything else) hurts those of low income or on a fixed one, Star,(like me) especially when gas is nearing four dollars a gallon. That's a few dollars I can't spend somewhere else.I doubt if any of this will work myself, but I say more power to him for at least getting involved.


Why should one more drop of our soldiers blood be spilled on foreign soil? Why fight/die for 'freedom' anymore when our citizens are pissing it away at the voting booth?


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

I would say, impact, that the opinions on here DO reflect the city at large, these are the people who are actually interested and discussing these things. Half the city is either too busy or don't care to do even that. Not to mention, if it doesn't reflect the opinions of the city at large, then he'll have no problem getting signatures and he'll have tons of people at meetings and volunteers and what have you.

Bottom line Recall Tommy, if you want to be taken seriously, your website needs to reflect the seriousness of the cause. Your "Recall Carty 2007" image makes it look your throwing an annual parade or party of some sort.

Are you kidding me?

"Carty demonstrates again and again a reverse Midas touch, everything he touches turns to excrement."

Excrement? Are you kidding me? Possibly a bit childish?

I'm not the "recall Tommy." I just happen to be a "Tom" as well. I have talked to him, but he dropped pushing his own recall effort because his wife was getting flack from her job - she works for the city.

only 2 weeks ago was it actually transferred to me - I have the documents to show that. We were going to use something different - not 100% sure what - until I got this transferred.

He was elected November 05 and took office January 06 - the website shows as created thru Go Daddy ten months after he took office. (edited for clarity) That's what I wrote above - I think starling read it incorrectly.

The actual web address of was the same one used in 1999 - and the net way back machine shows all of that information from that time period. So, someone held on to the domain or it was released and then re-captured.

We don't remember days only moments...

T++, you claim the website is unprofessional. It states their agenda and their beefs. What is unprofessional about it? Is it merely aesthetics?

That said, I find certain points unpersuasive, but what unprofessional? Is it unprofessional from an IT point of view? I only care what they have to say, not how it is presented. Again, is your beef merely aesthetic?

Without turning to the media coverage of the Mayor, we could use the list of campaign promises that you posted.

I like to look at; for a historical perspective as I was not up on the issues then.

The Mayor gets negative press because of his actions. They are his actions. The press reports the actions and we recoil or rejoice.

I can say that he is very enthusiastic about Toledo and that enthusiasm translates in the unsound judgments and comments, like the outdoor cafe at the MLK bridge.

He still insists that the Erie Street Market will be a gem of the downtown, it would be great if it was, but............

The Mayor did help keep Jeep in Toledo.

wikipedia has the following;

What has he accomplished for us lately...I dunno know....

Im assuming Rob Ludeman would become the Mayor but hes term hes term limited in a few months right? So therefore no one would really know who would be the "long term" mayor going into this vote. I normally could predict the ways votes would come down but I cant even do that because some incumbents are being replaced or may lose. I wont name names but there are a few on Council who just arent even qualified to be council let alone the Mayor. Some of the heavyweights are maybe Wilma Brown, Mark Sobzak (which is more ambitious than people think), George Sarantu.

I personally will take an unknown before a known devil. This will be very interesting drama if hes recalled.

Some might argue Katie that the bike paths and flowers are a good thing. An effort to move away from the grimy industrial look that makes the outlying areas look so good and Toledo bad.

I've done it before too Starling, it happens to all of us at one time or another.


We don't remember days only moments...

That's a beautiful point, I completely agree since my wife does not work for the City.

For the second time, I'm a "Tom," but not "Recall Tommy."


wow..Thats pretty low trying to bring this young mans wife into this. Some people have no shame.

In fact...the Mayor has not only shook my hand but he's even hugged me before and I can totally testify that I have not turned into excrement.

People may say I am full of excrement at times and I do have brown eyes but...


We don't remember days only moments...

It shows the domain in your name and and that it was done on November 3rd 2006 - I even took a screen shot:

It doesn't show a date that it was updated - traditionally when there has been a change it shows up under the category of "last updated" - so all I can go on is what is in black and white when I did the who is.

We don't remember days only moments...

...would apply to Rob for his continuation on Council...but my understanding of the law is that once votes are certified, the mayor would be out of office. That usually happens around the end of Nov/first of Dec. Rob, as president, would become Mayor and would then serve - I think - until the next election. I do not know if there would have to be a special election to actually vote for Mayor or if Rob would serve until the end of the term (must look this up at some time).

But the fact that he's term limited on council would NOT affect his ability to serve out the balance of the term of Mayor.

Sorry, Junta, I don't go into a business presentation or a job interview with ripped jeans and a white t-shirt with barbecue stains on it. Presentation DOES mean something when your advocating something this serious.

Second, it IS unprofessional in how they bring about their points. Did you happen to see the quote that anything that Carty touches turns to EXCREMENT. EXCREMENT, are you serious? If you want to convince me to vote to recall Carty, do so with reasons that are factual and CUT AND DRY. Don't stick in sarcasm. Don't be childish about it. This effort displays just as much professionalism as the professionalism, which this effort whines about, that Carty displays.

When you become the face and driving force behind a PUBLIC CAMPAIGN to OUST THE MAYOR, then you have to accept that you're putting yourself right there in the spotlight alongside the politician you're trying to defeat.

You also have to accept that politics is NOT STUDENT GOVERNMENT. That this is hardball. This is peoples careers. This is the way they butter their bread. It's bare fisted fighting. There's no gloves here. Anyone undertaking such an effort should FULLY EXPECT their dirty laundry to be aired.

This isn't just being an activist. It's being an organizer. A leader of an opposition movement.

... If you can't take the heat ...

Good point - can't disprove the screen shot............ but i did what I did.

I must agree with T++ on this one. The web site does not impress me at all. The message is weak and consist of nothing but the same rants we have been hearing from Fred and Brian on WSPD which makes me wonder if they are not in some way underwriting this recall effort.

The use of different fonts, colors, bolds, italics all make the site look like a web publishing 101 course and this was their first assignment. Their use of multiple pages to express the same thoughts over and over made me quickly click through each without reading the content because I lost interest. While the site may be fine for an elementary audience of school kids who are intriqued by all the different typefaces and color, as a professional document (especially one of this importance) it leaves much to be desired and instills no confidence in the message they are trying to convey. If my resume looked like this I would be on the recieving line of unemployment for a very long time.

The use of phrases like Get Rid of Toledo's Cancer and the use of misleading images for representation like the shower head and flowers likens this site to a bunch of kids on the playground yelling out insults about each others mother.

While I have not made up my mind whether the recall effort is with or without merit, nothing in this site swayed my decision that we need to dis-elect a mayor with no post course of action or what to expect if successful.

I heard Tom on WSPD the other afternoon where he was asked the question of who he would like to see replace the mayor and his answer shocked me. I paraphrase here: "I dont really care. We just need to rid the city of this cancer".

Really, Tom continue your education, keep your activist ideas intact, and if you really want to effect change in the Mayors office do it in a way that has substance and a platform for moving ahead. This present campaign lacks the skills and knowledge to do so.

Oh..and By the Way. I would be interested in your voting record. Did you vote in the last election? Are you a registered voter? Are you a real City of Toledo resident or just attending school here? The answers to these questions may go a long way in legitimizing your campaign. Please give us some of your own background instead of just crying wolf.

5/31/07...Added Point. You should really proofread your sites content before publishing. The email address and link at the bottom of the home page is different then what is listed on the contact page. I am sure it was a typo but it is these little things which bring into question your own commitment to your cause and makes your campaign look more like a publicity stunt to satisfy your own self ego.

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

only 2 weeks ago was it actually transferred to me - I have the documents to show that

If so then provide evidence of such. Otherwise, someone is lying as to when this Domain name was established. Either ICANN or Thomas Morrisey.

I have been involved with the establishment of more than 300 domain names for the company I work for. The whois has always shown an accurate listing of who owns the site, last updates(such as renew dates, transfer dates, etc.).

So; make your own conclusions in this case. As stated before, Tom, as long as you are not as forthcoming as you need to be in a campaign of this importance, it's quite impossible to legitimize it. Why is you organization being so secretive? Are there outside influences steering you? Is there backroom politics in play? Are certain Media outlets dirtectly/indirectly subsidizing your interests?

We (as in the people who contribute to this forum) are for the most part very astute to current events and most of us do our homework. We are not an uneducated populist where the wool is easily pulled over our eyes. With your decision to post your recall effort here, you need to be prepared to answer the tough questions.

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

Kinda like knowing when to use affect and effect ;-)

Learn from your elders...

Hooda Thunkit

When the domain was registered was really just a statement of documentation that Thomas had been planning this since at least November 3, 2006. That alone is not really that large of an issue, however now that he's claimed that he did not register the domain on November 3 that does raise questions for me because something's not right here. Even Tom Troy from the Toledo Blade this morning reported this as:

The Web site went defunct, and was registered by Mr. Morrissey last November under the registrant name "Toledo Pride."

If you start out causing people to ask questions, it makes them wonder what else is not being fully shared.

We don't remember days only moments...

Huh? Unless she edited it, she used it right.

The rule is A for action. That is, if you're using it as a verb, it's Affect. If you're using it as a noun, it's Effect.

But there is an exception. Effect is also a transitive verb meaning "to cause."

So when she said "effect change," she was correct.

We have a Winner! :) win the prize. Finally...the right questions to ask. I love your Nancy Drew skills...and always with a polite smile too I bet. Here's the thing..., if we're using our minds in this, we must conclude that there are always alterior motives in politics. I don't think many escape the lure of the "Party".

My take is that the people who take Toledo's well being into consideration along with , for lack of a better term, allagations that are weak on substance and riddled with hate, will no doubt be exposed as a myth. Not that young Tom isn't really there..he just doesn't present a winning argument. Adittionally, the style and manner of exicution are silly and almost painfull to see/hear.

For me, this topic is closed now. Unless someone can prove a crime against the city here..this is a dying issue. If ya can't run with the Big Dogs, stay on the porch. Quit yer bitchin and get involved to help.


Lisa..that wasn't directed at was ment for the supporters of the recall in this case.

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