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Does anyone else have a problem with the 2pt font used for surveys?

When I was a kid we were pretty active in the Boy Scouts, and we needed to raise money all the time.

But we never did get into the prepackaged marketing bs. The return on the investment of your labor and the cash of the people you pawn the stuff on was just not worth it.

Instead, our scoutmasters found work for us to do - We washed windows at the local fire station, we cut brush behind local businesses, we painted a house that the local historical society was renovating, we picked up the garbage early in the mornings when the local fair came to town...

When we sold things, we put together a stand at that fair and sold lemonade, and we got the local elementary school to let us use their auditorium and showed matinee movies on Saturday afternoons and charged admission and sold consessions.

The scoutmasters used these opportunities to show us on a 12-15yr old level how what the difference in 'net' vs 'gross' was with our sales for these things.

Thru these efforts we were able to purchase a bus, and use it for various trips that I'd never have been able to do otherwise.

Those trips are part of many fond memories from my childhood, but how hard we worked to GET to go on those trips is also etched on my memory as well.

When I just see scouts out there with 'begging cans' or those ridiculously priced popcorn tables, I just think it's a shame.

The products are a ripoff, and the scouts are missing out as well.

I have a lot of problems reading the 2 point font size on surveys.

I'll buy Girl Scout cookies from the first scout that comes to my door (with her mom). After that, none. For quite a while they stopped going door to door - didnt blame them, but I'd buy some when they sold them at Krogers. Same with Boy Scout popcorn. But that's it. I used to buy (for over 25 yrs) a little something from every kid who showed up at my door. No longer do. I can't speak for the Boy Scouts - but I know the Girl Scouts get such a tiny cut of the profits, and it does use them as shills. They get the kids riled up to try to win the 'best' prize that only one kid wins, the rest of the prizes are crap. And the kids who's parents take the order forms to work really put other kids at a disadvantage. It's like the parents are doing the order taking.

not usually anything I can use - so yes I would rather have them just ask me for money. But it doesn't usually work that way.

We did money fund raisers when my kids were in Scouts, we did car washes, yard raking etc. I do not recall them ever selling anything except wreaths at Christmas and I believe that money went to buy blankets for soldiers graves.

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

I rarely buy from school sales and then only from kids I know or family. Now that my son in in school he'll be the only one I buy from.
I think its an annoying thing to make kids do. About the only time I didn't mind so much when my daughter did it, was when they actually had the item.. like the candy bars for a buck. Much better then having to distribute the stuff months later.

Usually I have a screaming child or infant and have to excuse myself from the door. I am not a fan of door to door people, especially when my husband isn't home.

A polite "No, Thank you," works for me.

I would prefer being asked for a donation than paying an inflated price for anything.

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If you're using Windows Explorer go to "View", and the drop-down window will have have "Text-Size" when you "click it". I did, and went to the largest font size.

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My niece and nephews approach me at least three times a year. Each

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I remember people bringing the order forms to work at the Main Post Office. Hit the lunch room at almost anytime, and you

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I do. I posted something in the site suggestion forum but the admin hasn't replied. For polls I end up having to use the magnifier, which you can find under start > all programs > accessories > accessability if you want to try it.
Its better then jacking the rest of the page up to huge fonts just for a poll.

What a drag it is getting old.... *grin*

Now the survey is 8pt font and the rest of the text on the screen is 14pt.

Oh well...

If your mouse has a scroll wheel, you can use it to quickly change the font sizes.

Hold down the CTRL key and scroll the wheel towards you to enlarge the font, scroll it the other way to make it smaller.

It makes it a little more tolerable. I can quickly enlarge, read the options, then put the font size back to normal.