How Do We Handle Vacant Properties That Need Mowing

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You see this often in the Old South End (and you might relate in other areas of town). In this case the property owner moved in about a year ago, fixed the place up, kept the yard neat, and has now gone. She talked about "flipping" the property. I just noticed a few days ago that the grass is now up to mid-thigh, and really growing now.

I will probably go on ARIES, and try to find out where she lives so I can see if she will pay me to mow the lawn. But I am tempted just to contact the city (a la Carty), and let them

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I don't know if I would mow the yard. Technically that's trespassing and you would be liable for any damages I would think.

I think you should probably contact the city first to cover your bases. Maybe ask them if something can be worked out so that you can mow it and get paid to do it. Cities often mow the yards and then put a lien on the property to be reimbursed. Maybe you could be the contractor with the city for that yard.

To or you call city hall (419) 936-2020

I prefer e-mail as I have a record of what and when was reported.

A vacant lot not mowed and taking over 90 days to get it mowed prompted me to start my blog.

The lot situations are around the city and the city needs to be made aware of them.

What I did was to go on the city site, and checked for e-mail addresses. It seems to have changed. I think the directories were more complete last summer. Anyways, I called the 24 hour number (although like

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The directory of e-mails is in the wrong place.

To contact anyone in the Neighborhood Department;

I am sick of driving around my mom's neighborhood and seeing the unsightly boulevards that the city totally ignores.

I'm thinking they aren't going to cite themselves for not doing their jobs.

I went to the city

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OldSouthEndBrdy said: AREIS is kept up-to-date, and gives who owns what property, and where the get their mail.

It might be of interest to know that AREIS is not totally up to date. And when looking at the data for this property it is labeled as a FORECLOSURE case. If you click on the Pro # Inquiry for that property it will give you the name and phone number of the person downtown that you need to talk to about the property.

I would not put much hope in thinking that the listed owner will be concerned about the grass not being cut.

If somebody had a problem with it then I'd deal with it. I think we spend too much time and energy worrying about what other people think and what other people might do.

Make the best decisions in the situation at hand, treat other people as you'd like to be treated and just go about your own business.

If someone wants to give you a hard time b/c you are doing those things - well that's why I keep a Prepaid Legal policy :-)

My neighbor and I mow a vacant house on my block. We just do it, no discussion really - it needs to be done so we do it.

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

About who should be responsible. But often that isn't the way it goes. Life's too short to wait for the government to do anything for us that we can just do ourselves, skip over the pure D aggravation and then just move on.

You're right - I just wouldn't spend too much time or aggravation on it.

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

I sent the letter to the guy that owns the property at 438 Langdon Street yesterday. I then decided to do some more checking per carols. I'm going to send the guy another letter apologizing. Feel a certain amoung of pity for him now. Neighbor told me he has "issues". Look what they are doing while charging him $165.71 as a "special" a half year for "weed control". He owes over $1470 in back taxes now for an empty lot.
This is my blog btw. Also check out the report below

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OldSouth, I am not sure I am sharing your empathy for this particular situation (Langdon St) in that the current owner got this property on a Quit Claim deed (typically that means he didn't pay a dime for it) and has not paid the taxes on it EVER. The $300 for weed control is the charge the city has levied against him in order to mow the lot in accordance with the Toledo Municipal Code. When the city has to step in and take care of the vacant lots/properties the owners of these properties are charged for the services. This is done through assessments and/or liens. If a property owner can't take care of a property there are agencies and programs that can help them - if it's a legitimate need. But absentee owners who could care less aren't covered under that offer.

Take it one step further - if you were GIVEN a piece of land and decided that you weren't going to maintain it, wouldn't it make sense to GIVE it to someone else that would?

While I try to be empathetic to those that are truly having 'issues' that prevent them from taking care of something, it seems as though abandonment should not fall into that category.

Just my take on things.

PS - after some further digging - the 'owner' of the lot on Langdon is living in a very nice home on Cornell Dr. And this is not his first 'foreclosure' he's been through. Some people just hope that they can outsmart the system. Unfortunately for this guy it's not working.

When I searched the AREIS website (a public source of information) for

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Very odd. The addresses have been pulled down.

So here they are;

Bond, Kattie Acting Director

Frederick, Susan Enforcement Manager

CCHall3 Call City Hall

I'd make sure they send you the money before you do the work. Or maybe you're more trusting then I would be.

I will send the letter, and wait a couple of more weeks. Then I

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