How Would You Fund TPS

Continue with a real estate tax, but increase the base?
10% (2 votes)
Change to an income tax, and close loopholes?
40% (8 votes)
Allow smokers to continue, but use a fine system and give the money to schools?
5% (1 vote)
Start a local lottery, and give 50% to schools?
20% (4 votes)
Allow prostitution, and fund the schools with "tail for tots"?
25% (5 votes)
Total votes: 20
No votes yet

... rhetorical questions if I've ever heard 'em. Still, the TPS is nowhere near insolvent enough for the ODOE or OBOR to seriously investigate. Remember, the TPS just issues another levy when they come up short, and Toledoans (in all their glorious dumbassery) tend to vote for them. It all comes out of everyone's property taxes, which even increasingly borne by the poor and working classes (who almost always don't qualify for property-tax abatements), still doesn't impinge seriously upon the public consciousness. Remember, for each person who says "I can't afford more taxes", there are a good 2-3 others who say "but it's for the children". Fiscal stupidity is quite simply the solid rule for Toledo, even in the midst of our continuing economic collapse.

As I've joked before, we might end up with people standing in bread/soup lines, who then turn around and stand in ballot lines just to vote for another 99-yr levy for some department of overspending government. The value of a dollar is seldom known in Toledo. Spend spend spend. Our politicians are only mimicking the populace.

Give's a whole new meaning of Van Halen's "Hot for Teacher" tune.

How about keeping the stripper laws the same but adding a $1 tax to all adult-club cover charges?

Call it tits for tots?

brassmonkey: Have to look up

Old South End Broadway

Lets ask ourselves a few question:

1. If 70% of the Toledo teachers live outside the district, then why did they ask Harner to live inside the district? Because they all ready knew that he had expressed otherwise? Moreover, did any of Foey's children attend a single school in the TPS system?

2. As Harner had proposed audits of the district, what might have turned up? Is Sykes somehow financially tied to the contractors of the current $500,000,000 building program? If this is true, will Foley take a pass on this kind of audit to protect Sykes?

3. If the current TPS system is failing our children, shown by a 25% enrollment decrease and and failing schools, why opt out for the status quo? What is there to hide by conducting both financial and curriculum audit?

4. Until these kind of questions are answered, would it not make sense to delay hiring a superintendent until the Ohio Dept. of Education can examine these issues?


Where was my option to just junk the public school system as it is and start over? I know that's an ideal and not reality but wouldn't it be great?

Matt Holdridge
The Toledo Tattler

I thought the lottery money was supposed to be going to the schools,was it not? I suspect taxes will be raised a LOT with the smoking ban - ya can't have it both ways. They'll have to figure out some way to recoup the lost cig tax dollars, and I bet it ends up coming out of everybody's pockets in the form of new tax hikes.

Seriously, who is it that can make the argument that the great mandatory public education experiment was a success?

Anyone - ?

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

I would be 100% behind a sales or consumption tax increase.

You leave out significant portions of the population with an income or a property tax, but everyone consumes.

Just kick up the sales tax and cancel all of the property taxes and everyone pays.

No more avoiding taxes by being a member of one of the many underground economies.

And, while we're at it, how about parents (BOTH parents) paying some tuition for their little darlings.

Nothing gets a parent involved and paying attention faster then when they are paying for a service.

Hooda Thunkit

You get an Amen!!

We always have the option of junking the present school system by choosing alternatives. AS more individuals opt out, the erring school system either gets the message or it collapses into outright hostility and isolation.

You people are all over the map on this one. In one thread people are pushing the 'fairness' of a flat-tax, and in this thread you're trying to scare people and complain that taxes will be raised to make up for losses in stamp taxes. Isn't that a good thing? Isn't it more fair to share the tax burden equally as opposed to putting it all on a small class of citizens? ...or at least that's what i've been hearing from you people today in the "..Fair.." thread...

I must admit I am for public education, but not mandatory public education. I sometimes wish we could just have the kids in school that wanted to be there (although that raises the question of

Old South End Broadway

Hey, I was pushing for the Hot for Teacher Tax before the flat tax!