Why Do You Stay in Toledo?

You want to be close to your mom, dad, brother(s), sister(s), and extended family?
38% (14 votes)
Your friends are all here (if you aren't close to birth family)?
8% (3 votes)
You've got a career-enhancing job here?
32% (12 votes)
You love the scenic beauty of this part of Ohio?
3% (1 vote)
You're concerned that moving from your situation will lead you into something worse?
5% (2 votes)
You think there could be worse economic situations other places?
14% (5 votes)
Total votes: 37
No votes yet

OldSouthie, if you know that man, then there's a good chance you know me or know OF me, since we were in the same clique in high school. He's here from Germany for a month or so, with is newborn daughter and the German mother. He just arrived on the 5th, and I'm planning on seeing him soon, since it's been years.

His uncle lives right on Broadway, his mother lives in subsidized housing off Arlington, and I'm past the Zoo. Small world, South Toledo.

Here's some numbers investing in a Traditional vs Roth IRA from 24 to 67 years old at $18 per month with historical 9%

Traditional = $101,537 includes tax deductions going in and value of money worth at 15% taxes going out during retirment years.

ROTH = $103,793 value at tax free during retirment. This more resembles tax structure of Whole life - taxed going in, non-taxed going out.

Looks like Grandpa taught you well in terms of a $100 K policy.

I would rather term life it up to 10 times my earnings in case I die before I retire so my family is protected on a stop gap basis. I don't think a $100 K is going to make it for my family. At higher multiples of coverage, Term life destroys Whole life til nest egg time. Once I retire, my family should be protected by my Social Security free nest egg.

Fyi for your model, At 70, Roth equates to $135,186.

"The public eye, so blinded, has learned not to see."

How can you claim to that the public fails to see the consequences?


I bet I've seen you at some of his school functions. Makes me feel old seeing "teenagers" all grown up, and Internet entrepreneurs.

Old South End Broadway

"I'm only RESTATING what the high foreclosure and vacancy rates themselves say (which are only the beginning of the financial collapses since the 2007 ARM-reset year isn't half done, and then we've another bastard of a reset year in 2008 to endure). Like I said before, you're arguing against the statistics."

ARM's are not the complete cause of the bankruptices.

I am not arguing one part of the statistics, rather I am and have looked at the stated causes and not picked out one part to beat a drum too. The bankruptcies and foreclosures were and are caused by multiple reasons as stated in columns in The Blade and other papers and sources.

Surely job loss, health problems, death of a person in the family and so on are causes of the problems.

"Remember, these are foreclosures on ADULTS. As adults they were supposed to know the consequence of "getting in over your head". Surrounded by anti-reality financial propaganda, they were still responsible for seeing through the BS and knowing the truth."

It is easy also easy to lay blame and claim that people did not know what they were signing while not acknowleding that sometimes situtations occur that are not the fault of not knowing the truth unless one considers themselve to be all knowing and thereby unable to make mistakes and have to write that others failed for the reasons stated over and over again.

"These consequences are a direct result of the failure of government regulation. Government policies are set by people. Hence, there is intent, thus war."

What war? Who is fighting? And what are we/they fighting?