Sarantou covering his butt with the budget fallout?

"Dollar for dollar, Toledo does a lot with a little"

"I AM chairman of Toledo City Council's Finance Committee, and everywhere I go nowadays, whether it is speaking at a Block Watch, a meeting honoring an individual, or at church, I am approached about the same subject - the budget."

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I was impressed with George Sarantou's article. I like it when an article is filled with "facts" (numbers), and I think he did a good job of presenting his points. I take what he lays out at the "macro" level, and apply it to my

Old South End Broadway

On an overview the city is obligated to supply specific services and the county has specific obligations. The maintenance of roads and alleys is one of those services.

We always blame the Mayor for budget issues but I just had a thought - you know the Mayor presents a budget TO council for approval. (Including the highly discussed 39k for staff to plant flowers when we already maintain a parks dept - and the comment that this was a 'piddling' amount to a city who's median income is less than that for an entire year)

The trash fee was approved b/c they said they had to do it - we were short. They cut some programs, like Sister Cities which was added back in once the stink about the trash fee died down. All with councils' majority vote. And you know what?

They could have said no. SO this is not all on the Mayor.

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

Yeah it was a good article in that it did a good job of explaining what goes where related to city services. The final couple of paragraphs about the trash fee is just the same old governmental bullshit excuse though.... When will these Councilmen realize that the trash fee is not a TRASH fee, their stupid spending is what gets us into this mess year after year, and that some of us are just sick of hearing the whining?

Instead of Trash Fee, should have enacted city employee healthcare fee (employee contributions) and employee retirement responsibility fee.

City should NOT be picking up the employee portion of any retirement contribution, PERIOD.

I'm willing to bet that trash fee is the equvivalent in the added benefits promised by Carty to the police and fire benefit packages to secure their votes. Willing to speculate other unions in city employ want same deal.

Like to see the ratio of desk cops vs street cops when benchmarked to other OH cities as well as outside OH.

Lastly would like to see Toledo Services benchmarked to cities of same size that are in the top 10 growth markets (i.e. outside OH).

I disagree on some of your points, but I do agree with the sentiment that it's only a Trash Fee because they knew that people actually CARED about unlimited trash pickup.

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