Another City Council member unaware of budget items

Szollosi frets over slash in city funding of LMC.

The council members pass a budget without really knowing the details of the items in the budget and now the complaints start after passing the budget.

Sure one cannot know each and every item line for line but the council member here also complained about being cut out of budget task force meetings and such and other council members have complained that they did not have enough time to review the items.

With Sarantou singing his praises and Shultz sitting silent like a statue it is not hard to see why we are moving forward every so slowly and why the cities finances are as poor as they are.

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They actually provided information on what they have done since 2005...

Last media story in their "in the news section" is from 2003.

Perhaps if they had a bit more updated information people would be more aware of their existance. I'm also curious as to where do the fees for workships go to, and if anyone had considered increasing the workshop cost as a way to be less reliant on City funding.

We don't remember days only moments...

He was a member. He just didn't attend a lot of the meetings.

Yes, quite true and The Blade reported this.

What is more interesting is the fact that the Task Force met and then did not share the information with the council as a whole and the budget information is on, one, 1, computer and not on a server so the council members could view it.

But the Finance Committee chairman sees no problem with that.

are our city council members unaware of, I ponder and wonder.

Szollosi claims to attended a heck of a lot of meetings and yet, here four months later this story comes up.

But he was also shut out of the Budget Task Force meetings.

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