Senators versus Governors

I came across this column and thought it raised an interesting point in the selection of senators versus governors as presidents.

I think Medved presents a good analysis on why each party has a preference for either the 'legislator' or the 'administrator.'

Your thoughts?

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some interesting points.

I can't wait to see how closely he called this.

Hooda Thunkit

I find myself thinking along even simpler lines. The modern set of Presidents (1960s+) looks like this:

LBJ - Vice President
Nixon - Vice President
Ford - (appointed)
Carter - Governor
Reagan (2 terms) - Governor
Bush Sr. - Vice President
Clinton (2 terms) - Governor
Bush Jr. (2 terms) - Governor

Call me crazy, but Americans have shown a clear preference FOR executives (i.e. Governors) and AGAINST clerks (i.e. legislators).

This is why I'm certain Clinton, Obama, Dodd and ANY Dem Congresscritter will not win in 2008. Americans do not prefer Senators or Representatives for the highest executive office. To successfully compete for the Presidency, the Dems MUST run a Governor (preferred) or a VP (2nd preference). However, a Dem VP is out of the question, since only Gore really fits the bill, and the Dems shun losers as an "electability" bias. Hence, if the Dems have a Governor candidate in their midst, then he's the man to watch.

As you know, correlation does not imply causation...

but I thought the article very interesting, nonetheless...

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