Web Of Terror: Link in Toledo

Forbes: We can't take too much comfort from the fact that these particular schemes were thwarted. The plans live on. Once an idea enters cyberspace, it exists indefinitely within the online jihadist community. Any terrorist can take a proposed target or tactic and pick up the plan where a captured terrorist left off.

Mohammad Zaki Amawi, a U.S. citizen, nearly did. In March 2004 he returned to Ohio after a failed attempt to enter Iraq through Jordan to fight against American forces. Recruiting others, Amawi gathered online jihadist training manuals and videos to build his own cell in Toledo, including a "basic training" course for jihadists, videos on the production and use of improvised explosive devices and an instructional video for building a suicide bomb vest, titled "Martyrdom Operation Vest Preparation." The video for the vest was widely circulated online by Irhabi007. Amawi and two confederates were arrested and indicted in February 2006.


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