Blade finds 79 digitally altered photos

...An intensive investigation of Mr. Detrich's work, conducted by Nate Parsons, The Blade's director of photography, found that since January of this year, Mr. Detrich submitted 947 photographs for publication, of which 79 had been digitally altered. Twenty-seven of the altered photographs were published both in the newspaper and on, and an additional 31 were published only on Another 21 altered photographs submitted by Mr. Detrich were not published. The changes Mr. Detrich made included erasing people, tree limbs, utility poles, electrical wires, electrical outlets, and other background elements from photographs. In other cases, he added elements such as tree branches and shrubbery. Mr. Detrich also submitted two sports photographs in which items were inserted. In one he added a hockey puck and in the other he added a basketball, each hanging in mid-air. Neither was published.... Read the entire story at This story has caused a small online stir. The traffic has experienced a bump since the story broke (see the Alexa sample below).
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I'm glad they came up front about this because while this isn't exactly illegal it definitely breaks all types of journalistic ethics.

Only thing I wish they would have done was flag the photos instead of removing them (Much like what USA Today did with Jack Kelly) because I've used things from the blade (quotes stories in particular) for class reports and if there was even a chance that I used something that gave a false impression I'd want to know.



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