The past repeats itself, over and over and over again

I use a web site to look up items related to Toledo, before I moved here. What I find stunning is the history and antics of our Mayor.

Like an actor with many credits listed in a biography we see the listing of his antics, how ever well intentioned at the time.

And I cannot help but wonder why does is he reelected.

Accomplishments or personality cult.

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Carty got re elected because there was no middle choice for mayor. The last couple of elections its only been a choice between crazy carty or Ford the walrus who didn't seem to do or say much of anything. Unil Election time, then he pulled out all these things he had done that no one(that I knew at least) had ever heard a thing about.

Toledo needs someone in the middle of that spectrum with Carty's passion but Ford's restraint.

This one is an interesting one since it talks about the "old days" when City Council used to get the budget in November then spend several months on it:

We don't remember days only moments...

I have been thinking a lot about the polarization of candidates and present administration and city council.

Mulling around how does a working person get involved in the offices. Money is a big stumbling block.

The candidates seem to be professionals that have enough financial capital to put in place a campaign with a cash war chest.

Which leaves the others with little hope of being a candidate for those offices as it takes money to get elected and get your ideas out to the masses.

But then again a person could run for a lesser, but no less important, office and work up the ladder.

Other wise we end up seeing the same names over and over again.

I guess if the races were more about ideas and changes less about personalities and an even playing for a citizen candidate we would see more citizens running for office.

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