This from Britain. At least they have the courage to SAY these are Nannies...

Neighbors From Hell' to Get Supervised Housing in Britain

Wednesday, April 11, 2007,2933,265294,00.html

It's not all tea and crumpets in some British communities, but there may be sweet revenge in store for those who are tired of their unruly neighbors.

Some of Britain's most socially incoherent families are in danger of being plucked from their homes and dropped into "managed properties" that will teach them the values of being good neighbors, according to government housing plans announced on Wednesday.

Think that's harsh? Try being evicted for excessive unruliness, vandalism or noise.

The "respect agenda," an effort introduced by Prime Minister Tony Blair in 2005, will set up 53 "managed properties" across the country. Their occupants will be identified as apathetic parents, rowdy ruffians and petty criminals. They will be allowed back into their communities if social workers from the Home Office determine they are fit to do so.

The Home Office said this week that the projects would be handling an estimated 1,000 families by the end of the year, of whom about 25 would be housed in the special units. They will be monitored by "supernannies" who will conduct daily patrols on families and offer parenting advice and support.

Blair's message is clear: If "neighbors from hell" don't shape up, they will have to ship out.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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When I consider what lives across the street from me, I could possibly get behind an idea like this. ;)

I've been lucky with my neighobors so far, but I've had friends who lived near people who would qualify for that program.

I was thinking the same thing! We can't even walk outside without being harassed but, short of moving, there is nothing we can do here.

Everyone has had a problems with neighbors at some point.... even Elizabeth Edwards.



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