1st oHEILo business to fall under the smoker ban?

I honestly don't know, but it's the first one I've HEARD about.


Anyone know of another that was first? This was in Alliance.

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Ohio bowling proprietors won't feel the full effects of the ban until the fall leagues form. We don't know how bad it will be this time around. The Toledo bowling centers got hurt badly under the foolish JFo / spineless city council ban because bowlers could easily opt to go to Maumee, Sylvania or Rossford. Now all Ohio bowling centers are screwed.

I guess that might mean this new law is better, but it's certainly no cause for celebration.

Big Jim

I found this article (in reference to a statewide smoking ban in Wisconsin). "Smoking bans constitutes an unwarranted assault on the individual freedoms of citizens. Those who defend a statewide ban on smoking in all public places - encompassing restaurants, taverns and workplaces - wrap themselves in the flag of "protecting the public health.". They throw this phrase around with a lot of chest thumping morality as if it alone precludes any substantive discussion.

But look closer: A private business is not a public place. Unlike tax-funded schools and government buildings, a tavern or restaurant is a privately operated enterprise, which succeeds or fails on its own merits within the marketplace.

Last time I checked, that's called "capitalism." And if non-smokers choose to "punish" a private business by not offering their patronage (read: dollars), that's fine. In fact, that's called "choice" and THAT is a principle worth defending. How's this for a landmark notion? If you're a nonsmoker who doesn't want to breathe second-hand fumes, don't strip away the rights of your fellow citizens. Maybe

I believe the people who pass the bans have no idea what is dangerous to
peoples lungs. They make sure not to ban wood stoves, smokers, grills,
fireplaces, candles and wood fired ovens. Look up Burning Issues and you
will find that all of those are worse than SHS. What a bunch of
uninformed idiots. I truely believe they have no mind of their own.

The problem that we are facing is this smoking ban is to "protect the workers" not the public. It is not to protect children in restaurants. It is for employees. They do allow wood smoke & grilling of food, so apparently they don't care if the cook gets sick.

The smoking ban has gone way to far. Secondary smoke is so diluted
that it has little effect on anyone in spite of what the Crusaders
are trying to tell you. For every study that claims secondary smoke
is harmful, there are ten that say it is not.

80% of cancers due to poor air quality are caused by diesel
emissions. Coffee contains 1000 chemicals 16 of which are found in
rat poison. Airborne concentrations of carcinogenic alcohol is up to
2,000 times as great as their exposure to the combination of all
human carcinogens present in secondary smoke. We ingest more on
average 10,000 chemicals with our daily food intake.

Chemicals, germs, dust mites are a part of our existence.

You would have to sit in a room with a smoker smoking 165,000
cigarettes to be exposed to as much arsenic as you would get in a
large glass of water. (there is a link that shows this, I'd have to dig it up again).

The anti-smoking crusaders are doing what is called social
engineering in much the same way that Hitler used it to de normalize
the Jewish population and quarantine them from the mainstream of

The Robert Woods Johnson Foundation has funded the anti-alcohol
movement 265 BILLION over the last four years in an effort to
stigmatize and eventually ban alcohol. This is the same organization
that has funded the anti-smoking groups. All of the above can be
verified upon your request.

I believe the revised rules allow "wood-fired ovens, smokers, grills, fireplaces, wood-burning stoves " which are much more carcinogenic than SHS from cigarettes.

Also, as the number of smokers goes down, the following is going sky high.....Cancer, SIDS, asthma, low birth weight, blah, blah & etc. Wouldn't ya think that they would take a closer look at other environmental factors? In the light of all of this, where is the connection to SHS??? This makes absolutely no sense to me. Well, other than if you look at the money factor (who'll make the money & follow it). I guess the truth can be sold for a price. China has the most smokers and yet the lowest rate of lung cancer. Go figure. I'm sure the anti's would dispute that, but it's true. According to Michael J. McFadden (Dissecting Anti-smoker's brains), the country with the least amount of smokers has the highest rate of lung cancer.

Michigan is just ten minutes away. The hardcore smokers won't hang around Toledo and drink if they can swing a few miles north and have a brew.

that I posted a link a while back at TT (before it became somewhat milqtoast)where a guy said that all this ban/nazi/anti-this and that/global warming crap was, in essence, anti-capitalist and a front for the new 'neo-communism'.


Why should one more drop of our soldiers blood be spilled on foreign soil? Why fight/die for 'freedom' anymore when our citizens are pissing it away at the voting booth?


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

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