Ohio, fifth least tax friendly state


Most tax friendly states - Top 5
State State and local tax burden as % of income
Alaska 6.6%
New Hampshire 8.0%
Tennessee 8.5%
Delaware 8.8%
Alabama 8.8%

Least tax friendly states - Top 5
State State and local tax burden as % of income
Vermont 14.1%
Maine 14.0%
New York 13.8%
Rhode Island 12.7%
Ohio 12.4%
Source: Bureau of Economic Analysis, Census Bureau and Tax Foundation


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If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

That's one reason businesses don't come here... plus government regulation and prohibitions, red tape, doofuses working in government offices you have to deal with, high city/county/state license fees, an unfriendly-to-business Toledo print media, outrageous costs of utilities, the entrenched and fossilized old-boy network (loosening up a bit, though), corruption on all levels of government, and finally NO RESPECT for small businesses, who are the backbone of the economy.


Amazing, We beat Taxachusetts!!

Tax Friendly

To be fair to Taxachusetts, they do well in one tax area and poorly in another, leading to a balance. Massachusetts is a great state to enjoy a high income in, for example, which pleases the aristos like Kerry to no end. What probably gives the state the classic bad rep is the intrusion of certain taxes into the lives of the working class. For example, when I lived within the city limits of Boston itself, I found that my car was subject to an "excise tax", which was no small amount and was due every year. Basically, you were punished for having a car in Boston. That has to grate upon the nerves of the working class -- much like prior CA Gov Gray Davis' vastly increased auto reg fee did (which the Da Terminatah since rescinded).

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