No photo of wanted Killer in The Blade???


The above is a link to the murder article on, which DOES show a photo of the murderer. However, in the actual newspaper article, there is NO photo of the murderer - and yet they ask people to keep an eye out for him, said he's to be considered armed & dangerous. Photos of the murdered couple are shown - but not a photo of the killer. Maybe nit picking of me, but seemed odd that they wouldnt include a photo of a most wanted criminal - especially since The Toledo Blade is widely seen in gas stations etc.

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it's next to the title of the story on the front page. The blonde guy.

Ok, I am certifiably an idiot - I didnt even see the photo of the killer. Sorry for the wasted space & rant.

Starling02, don't worry, just double check next time. I know sometimes things can get go too quick on the Internet. Apparently you caused a stir because I got a call from someone (who will remain nameless) wondering what your post was about. Regarless, this situation is cleared up and hopefully they will find the alleged killer.

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