Feds charge player in University of Toledo point-shaving scheme

A running back for the University of Toledo Rockets has been charged with recruiting fellow athletes to shave points and fix games on behalf of a Macomb County gambler.

A criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Detroit said the player, Harvey

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From 13abc

Began in 2003.
Worked to affect the score for the last 4 games.

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There have been a good number of internet search hits to this site regarding the point shaving. It seems to be a big story around the country. It is even showing up in the USA today.


That sounds bad.

Wow, this is an absolutely HUGE story. For those that don't follow college sports, I don't know how to convey how big of a story this is. People still regularly talk about the Arizona State points shaving scandel of the mid-90s.

If he did, in fact, participate in points shaving he's got a pretty good prison sentence coming for him. One of the ASU basketball players received an almost 4-year prison sentence.

This is awesome in so many respects.

Blade has got some more details:


This is all quite sad

Jr did some good research on ToledoTalk:


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