EdWeek gives Michigan and Ohio a C in education technology use

EdWeek released a special 10 year edition of its technology magazine this week. It ranked all of the different states and the use of technology in education. While Ohio and Michigan ranked the same overall, they differed in the sub grades.

The rankings were broken up into the following categories:

Access to Technology
Use of Technology
Capacity to use technology

National averages were:
Access: C
Use: C+
Capacity: C
Overall C+

Ohio Ranked:
Access: B-
Use: D+
Capacity: B-
Overall: C

Access: D+
Use: A-
Capacity: D
Overall: C

Ass you can see Ohio does decent with access and capacity but fails in the actual use.

Michigan does good in use but fails in access and capacity.

It seems odd that the two states are on the opposite spectrums regarding technology use and access.

Which state was dead last? Well it is not really a state. You guessed it. It is the District of Columbia, which ranks up there in one of the districts with one of the highest per pupil expenditures-so much for money buying you success.

You can see the detailed rankings as well as read some articles at:


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