And now we have a trash fee-let's throw a party

GlassCity jungle has the links to the different news articles. So let's count. How many times we are paying for trash collection?

I count twice.

Can someone explain this? Imagine we go to the grocery store and we buy an apple. The price is .50 cents. We bring it to the register and the lady/guy swipes it across the scanner it once, then twice and puts it in the bag. I end up paying $1. I ask why it is $1? The cashier says, well we charge you twice. That is how I feel right now.

I guess the City is really going to need to explain this when they come for a renewal of the temporary income tax.

Let's throw a party while we still can.....

Check it out the links and discussion at:

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Don't forget the fine they'll slap you with if you put your trash out too soon. We'll be charged twice and possibly three times if don't watch the clock.

Maybe we should all just take our trash and set it out with the council members and Carty's trash.

anyone know?

A divided Toledo City Council yesterday adopted a 2007 budget that establishes a $5.50 monthly trash collection fee

... officials who have learned to SUBTRACT, we will continue to be subject to increasing taxation.

Carty managed to increase the city budget by a reported 5.3% over last year, while Toledo's population continues to shrink. Given the line items I've been looking at, it hasn't all been some sort of "increased energy costs" sort of thing, either. Take a look at the files TO14456327.pdf (income) and TO14454327.pdf (expenses) from the previous links. They are a 15-megabyte total download, granted, but once you get them be prepared to endure some major droppage of your jaw. (Put a pillow on the floor; that'll help.)

You have to give Carty credit. He had successfully cooed softly to us, as he approached with a spiked club hidden behind his back. Do you feel that sudden pain? That was Carty taking his swing on you. You should have been more suspicious of the Creeping Carty. The question is, when he comes creeping up to us next year, will you be lulled by him again? Are we Toledoans literally too stupid to survive?

The onus is now upon us to vote to replace every council member that decided that instead of cutting the budget's expenses, it was a better idea to not only tax us, but to DOUBLE tax us, to fill the increased diameter of the fiscal hole.

Approval of Issue 5 would allow Mayor Jack Ford and City Council to use more of the 0.75 percent city income tax surcharge to pay salaries and other general fund expenses. However, we have a problem with any plan that would postpone or cancel infrastructure projects in order to line the pockets of unionized city employees.

You also might want to read the City Charter when it comes to how the 3/4% is to be spent which was agreed upon by voters in 2004:
1905.14. Allocation of funds.

(c) Allocation of Three-Quarters Percent (3/4%) Tax Increase. Commencing January 1, 2005, one-third of the increase in funds resulting from the continuation (by Ordinance No. 546-04 which was approved by the City's electorate on November 2, 2004), of the prior increase of three-quarters percent (3/4%) in the City's income tax, as originally provided in Ordinance No. 157-82, passed by the Council of the City of Toledo on March 16, 1982, and approved by the City's electorate on June 8, 1982, shall remain in the General Fund for police, fire and other Safety Department responsibilities, one-half (1/2) of said increase shall remain in the General Fund, and one-sixth (1/6) of the said increase shall be allocated to the Capital Improvements Fund.

(d) General Fund. The balance of funds remaining in the General Fund shall be available for appropriation, as deemed necessary by the Council of the City of Toledo, for the following purposes: general municipal operations, including but not limited to, municipal services, maintenance, and acquisition of equipment and/or appropriation to the Capital Improvements Fund for the purposes specified in subparagraph (e) hereof. Provided, however, funds shall be appropriated for police and fire uniform personnel in an amount equal to the 1981 personnel appropriations, plus additional funds equal to one-third (1/3) of the increase resulting from the three-quarters percent (3/4%) increase in the payroll income tax, shall be used for police, fire and other Safety Department responsibilities.

We don't remember days only moments...

Anyone notice that Mark Sobciak voted FOR the tax. I think this is totally unethical considering he is the number 2 guy in the tamsters. THis is a mojor conflict of interest, he shouldnt have even been alowed to vote.

Very true Maggie, Im just mad as h**l, that this passed.

I fully understand that this will cause problems.

That's why I have a legal policy. So I don't have to knuckle under to things I think are wrong because I'll 'be in trouble'.

I just call the lawyers.

This is a back door tax - I do not believe it's legal to do this without being on the ballot and approved by the VOTERS.

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

"Thou shalt not steal, except by majority vote."

I wondered about that too but 13 said you have to "pledge" to recycle. Maybe you'll have to sign up for it and if they recycle truck gets to your house and nothing is out they'll jack your rates up.

I'm wondering when that 3/4 tax comes back up for a vote so we can turn it down.

I also agree with GZ, anyone sitting on coucil right now should be voted out next time around.

...his vote in favor of the tax, but I believe there is a distinction between his ability to vote for the tax as an individual measure, versus his ability to vote on the budget as an entire package.

If he voted on the budget package, this wouldn't be a conflict of interest under Ohio law.

...I think our council has severely underestimated the number of people who are angry over this...

Toledo stuck on stupid.

I'm not going to cry about this Maggie cuz the voting public has allowed it for so long that council feels they're within their rights to do it.

They've done it with fire, police, and they will with ambulances. Obviously the voting down of POPULAR levy's such as the Zoo wasn't enough of a signal to show them that the people of the area are overtaxed.

And just to think people thought my parents were crazy when they moved to Maumee 15 yrs ago cuz the taxes were "too high". Well Toledo now has the higher taxes and less to show for it. The Brain Drain affected the upper echelon of Toledo government years ago.



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