Convergys. A story that just doesn't seem to go away

It's a strange thing, especially to a person in business - that the legacy of this company still has such a profound effect on people in Toledo who were involved with them.

I have had a conversation this morning with a very capable business person who discussed the management tactics, the attempts to unionize and the subsequent powder this company took - leaving the city a tad bit short on jobs and unpaid tax abatements.

So it crossed my mind that there might be other folks who felt this profound impact and would like an opportunity to vent. Because it sounds like it was a real b.s. deal to me and need not have happened.

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When CVG came to town there was hope that the company would expand its interest here and ultimately hire more folks. Hence, the tax abatements and income tax switcheroo.

The thing that always confused me was that the primary project for CVG was the ATT @home project. The provided Tier 2 and Tier 2 support for technical issues as well as handled billing and installation issues. The mantra was customer service. But if you tried to PROVIDE true customer service you were chastised, written up and reprimanded in a fashion that would make a 6 year old mad as hell.

On top of that the employees were treated with no respect, no thought as to their value and were deemed totally expendable at all levels of support. Unless you were REAL good with the pucker routine you were only there on a temp basis at best.

If you had a case of 'the runs' when you came to work you better pray for a very strong sphincter because you had to literally ASK for permission to go potty and if you went more than once you were berated and humiliated.

I was in the middle of a call and trying to help this woman that truly was lost with her new system, and because I was on the call more than 3 minutes the on-duty supervisor walked over and disconnected the call. When I asked why he did that, he said, "If you can't solve it in 3 minutes, then dump the call and let them call back." Understand that sometimes the que was more than 2 hours long.

I was initially angry when they fired me, but within 24 hours it became clear that they had done me a favor. I woke up and realized that I STILL have value and they could not take that away.

For those that hung in there - I was sorry to see them get trampled in the exodus. It put a bunch of folks in a jam - but they are a large corporation and could care less.

... and she only touches on a few highlights of the terrible workplace that was Convergys. Of course, the rightwingnuts will tell us "tough, if you don't like it, leave", but then I can only ask: where is our tax revenue? Convergys did NOT fulfill their side of the abatement-bargain and no entity tried to hold them accountable except (again, credit where it's due) Ben Konop.

The Convergys game is to apply certain contract terms while ignoring the others that cannot be proven. The "can't be proven" part is easily arranged since the clients who hire Convergys don't seem to bother to audit the support that they're getting. Therefore, the people who really get screwed in all of this are Convergys employees and those client customers who are so unfortunate to have to call into a Convergys call center.

The end product of this rant is that no town or city should believe Convergys when it says anything whatsoever. The current abatement-move game Convergys is pulling right now on Cincinnati is more than enough proof of that.

I only worked for Convergys about six months and while I had some issues with the way they ran some things I never had a supervisor disconnect a call because they felt it was too long. I had pretty call times but I know I had more then a few that went over three minutes and never had a TS hang up my call.

I do think its crap the way they screwed the city and it's employees leaving the way they did.

That they timed bathroom breaks? I've heard this story from two different people.

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

More observational based on life experiences.

As a kid I heard from quite a few grab for the golden ring, aspire for more and more and more like there is no tomorrow. Wealth equated with happiness.

About 15 years I had a turning point, I realized that while some would aspire for more and more and more and I was not one of then. I grew content with what I had and have.

The corporate office of my former employer is located in Southern Ca. A former manager and his wife also a manager bought a house in the "desert" area about 40 miles away from the office. I commute now almost 35 miles and it takes about 45 minutes. Their commute was almost 1.5 to 1.75 hours in the morning on the 15 and at least 1.75 hours to 2.5 in the afternoon.

They bought a house on 3/4 acre lot, 1400 sq. foot house. Mortgage was 3.5K a month, yes $3,500 a month. Asked why they do not turn the AC on when warm, can't afford the extra electricity. This is living I thought to myself?

They have or had a 50 year mortgage, they have since sold and moved to Tennessee.

I have known quite a few others who have left for greener pastures and all was not that green. Spent time with them and they are struggling to live the good life.

Have a daughter who moved to Tacoma Washington and the rents are quite high and good paying jobs hard to come by unless she was in IT or Networking.

Acquaintances here in Petersburg, Mi. Husband and wife both work in good paying jobs and are stretched to the limits financially trying to enjoy life with material things, like new cars, TV's, electronics and so on.

I am also reminded of reports that have pointed out that with inflation and so on, the middle class of yesterday are now the lower class of today as the now costs more to be middle class.

What with all the outsourcing, plant closures, job losses and not an equal number of them being created and so on, the future seems dim if we keep wanting more and more and more and not living within our means.

All the more reason for people to be involved in the workings of their local government.



Yes... if I can remember correctly, you had a certain chunk of time outside of your breaks and lunch that you could be off the phone... I think it was 10 minutes or such, I don't remember exactly. That was to be used for bathroom breaks, etc.

During my time there, I never had a supervisor disconnect a call on me, but I did get the "you're call times are too high because you're helping people too much" talk.

Needless to say, I left that job that paid $10/hr to take one in my actual field that paid $5.50. And I never regretted it.

I was there for the @home project and at the end of training I could see that I was not going to be there long as the length of time allowed for a call was minimal.

The job I was hoping for, called, and then I was downsized six years later when the employer realized that the photo industry changed.

And I have to laugh at all the economic glad tidings I read about, and not just in Toledo, but all over and when you scratch below the surface the good times are not there.

I don't recall being timed when we took a bathroom break. It seems to me it was more or less try to do it on your break but if you absolutely had to go, to do it as quickly as you could.
Maybe it was something that the Team Leaders enforced at different levels or strictness?
For most of my time there my TS was a guy named Bruce who was pretty easy going and well liked by our team.
My call times were pretty good so maybe thats why I never had a problem if I had to take a quickie break.

I stayed as long as I did because I enjoyed the team I was on. When they broke the team up and I got moved to a team full of silent sullen twenty somethings I'd never seen before because their TS wanted someone to help bring up her group call times.
I decided that I could make the same money just working weekends in my licenced job as I did working full time for Convergys and since I no longer enjoyed the position I left.

According to this article it was state involvement that may have lead to not getting the abatement fully returned.

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