Reminder: Scalia at UT on Tuesday

College of Law to welcome U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia on March 13, 2007

The University of Toledo College of Law is honored to welcome United States Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia as part of its Centennial Speaker Series. He will give a public talk on March 13, 2007, at 2 p.m. in Doermann Theater on The University of Toledo campus.

During his visit to the UT College of Law, Justice Scalia will also meet with College of Law students and faculty, and will attend a College of Law judges

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...can you provide a report, Junta?

I'd love to hear him, but can't make it on Tuesday...

Protesters can suck it. Are you quoting Scalia?

Pink Slip

Be careful with my words? What an ironic thing to say. Besides, there was a litte evidence to the contrary back in '03:

CLEVELAND (AP) - Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia banned broadcast
from an appearance Wednesday where he will receive an award for
free speech.
The City Club usually tapes speakers for later broadcast on public
television, but Scalia insisted on banning television and radio
the club said. Scalia is being given the organization's Citadel of
Speech Award.
"I might wish it were otherwise, but that was one of the criteria that
had for acceptance," said James Foster, the club's executive director.
The ban on broadcast media "begs disbelief and seems to be in conflict
the award itself," C-SPAN vice president and executive producer Terry
wrote in a letter last week to the City Club. "How free is speech if
are limits to its distribution?"
The City Club selected Scalia because he has "consistently, across the
board, had opinions or led the charge in support of free speech,"

Another thing, will someone please ask him if we can finally count ALL the votes from 2000?

Pink Slip

Most say the sky is blue, Pink says its Purple.

Somehow, I'm getting the feeling you've been Pinked Slipped.

"call Republicans kool-aid drinkers..."

You are. not the most poignant phase in the world, but you are :) at least vigilante would say so!

Anyway, that is cool that the law department attracts that kind of talent. It says a lot about the law school and its reputation.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to take notes Maggie. I will be there, but I will have other obligations at the time. I'm sorry you can't make it.

Pink slip, I was not quoting Scalia. That was my own commentary. It is my opinion that Scalia is one of the greatest legal minds ever, despite your views of him, or mine for that matter. The fact is that a Supreme Court Justice is coming to Toledo, and we as a community should embrace this as a step in the right direction to make Toledo an attractive place to live. If you wish to ask him about Bush v. Gore, don't speculate here, ask him yourself at the Q&A. I'm guessing you won't because you'd be too scared, because he is extremely intelligent and will likely school you in front of hundreds of people.

I'm guessing you won't because you'd be too scared, because he is extremely intelligent and will likely school you in front of hundreds of people.

Sorry Junta, but I work during the day. Perhaps one of the law students will have the balls to ask the question. And maybe then you can tell them to "suck it".

Pink Slip

Pink I'd be careful with your words. Justice Scalia has been stron in support of First Amendment in his decisions. Your statement infers otherwise.



...since when the public gain rights to everything that a public official does? Doesn't a public official deserve SOME sort of privacy?

Is the City Club a private club? If so, the media have NO right to have access to this event...and, even if they did, perhaps Justice Scalia didn't want all the publicity.

Usually, people appreciate when a public official isn't a media hog.

If you don't like him, don't go see him.

As for your last statement - I find it incredulous that so many who agree with you on this point call Republicans kool-aid drinkers...

...Junta - your perspective on this event is much appreciated.

And I agree - I'm glad the UT Law School is bringing in the Supremes. I was glad to see Gingberg - even though I disagree with her perspectives on some things.

You seem to forget that Scalia was one of the opinion that flag burning is a matter of free speech at a time when being of the latter was more popular.

The fact is Scalia is a strong proponent of defining the constitution by what it says and not by what it supposidly "implies". This means he comes in direct conflict who feels the meaning inside constitution is a living thing instead of the constitution itself being a living thing.

The result is there is pressure on those who want to make changes to our society must do it through the legislature. In today's world of judicial legislating that means those far left and far right have little support on the nation's highest court. I think that's a good thing.



...since when the public gain rights to everything that a public official does?

What another ironic thing to say...he's a public official and it was newsworthy. Don't you think WSPD (or a reputable news organization) would have been up in arms in Toledo if this had happened here? And there was that incident where he forced US Marshalls to erase journalists' tapes of his speech...anyway he may otherwise be a strong proponent of the 1st Amendment. It's his other radical views that makes him dangerous.

As for the 2000 election, you know the recount was never finished.

Pink Slip

For those of you who missed it, Scalia gave a great speech on originalism and textualism. He's very well spoken and extraordinarily funny. Also, I had the opportunity to speak with him after the event, and he's a very nice guy.

As for Scalia not allowing media into events, it's not that he doesn't support the 1st amendment, it's just that cameras annoy him when he's speaking. During a Q&A with only law students this morning, a photographer got close to him and was clicking away, and mid-speech, Scalia told the photographer to stop taking pictures because it was distracting him. If you were at the event, you would have noticed that all photographers had to stay way in the back.

I thought it was a great event, and Scalia truly impressed me. I'm honored to have met him.

..private or not? If it is, then the fact that the award was given is the news - the acceptance speech at a private club CAN be private if the club and recipient so agree. The media don't get special access to private events simply because a 'public' person attends.

Before you bash the decision, answer the question of public or private club....

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