Harner: Look for me in the TPS classrooms

The Toledo Journal has another good article on the prospective superintendent candidate. A good read for those interested and yes I am happy they choose Harner. He is refreshing and something the district will need right now. Now the district needs 5 solid board members who's interest is the district and accountability. They especially don't need ones that threaten citizens and act like they own the place and love to keep things secret like they are in some special club. Only then the citizens of Toledo will get the right governance they deserve. Anyways.....

If he reaches a contract and comes to town, prospective Toledo Schools superintendent Dr. William E. Harner says don

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I wasn't here for it - but I was told a story that Eugene Sanders worked as a liaison between the search firm and TPS when they were LAST looking for a Super.

And that Sanders used the information he had gathered to submit his own application for the job - and that another person was selected as the final pick.

Much like this current scenario - the prior being that Larry Sykes preferred Eugene Sanders, yet another made it through the review process, and this one with it being WIDELY rumored that John Foley was Larry Sykes pick, yet another was ultimately named.

Now my understanding of this prior train wreck was that Larry Sykes and Eugene Sanders just waited until there was an opportunity to position the top pick's salary and benefits negotiations into that the top pick was just, well unreasonable and they ran him off.

Does anyone KNOW the particulars of the prior process? I don't want a repeat of what we did go through that yielded in the loss of one fifth of our students, the closure of many buildings, massive layoffs and enormous budget deficits.

I mean, it's plain to see Toledo often does get sucked into the same political games, from the same parties - but we all need to get involved because TPS has no room for one more good raid of the coffers.

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

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